Nausea is a stranger to nobody. It can be caused by motion sickness, morning sickness, migraines, or a number of other factors. Regardless of the root cause, when nausea hits, one of the most important things to the person suffering is always to find some effective relief — and fast.


While a variety of products exist to help fight off nausea, including chewable tablets, pills, patches, and essential oils, there’s one trick that trumps all of these in terms of accessibility and simplicity because all it needs to work is your wrist.


Applying pressure to a point in your wrist called the P6 point can help relieve nausea (

Applying pressure to a point in your wrist called the P6 point can help relieve nausea (

Based on the traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture, the similarly termed process of acupressure has to do with applying pressure to certain trigger points throughout your body, called acupoints, in an effort to relieve the body in different ways, such as by releasing muscle tension.


When it comes to nausea, acupressure can be extremely effective in soothing the stomach and providing fast relief, and all it takes is some simple pressure to the wrist. This is because a pressure point known as P6, or Neiguan, is located on the inside of the wrist and is part of a kind of pathway within your body which connects this point in your wrist to others in your chest, diaphragm, and abdomen.


The trick to using acupressure when you’re experiencing nausea is simply to find your P6 point, which is located just about two inches below the base of your palm, and to apply pressure to the area with your thumb or fore finger for a couple of minutes. You’ll want to apply firm pressure and rotate the finger applying pressure to your wrist in a circular motion for the best results.


It’s also possible to get the same nausea-relieving benefits of wrist-centered acupressure without doing any of the work yourself, thanks to wristbands which take care of it for you. Simply throw on an acupressure wristband, adjust the pressure point on the band, and let the the band take it from there.


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