Bug bites are the source of a dreaded, familiar itch. Unfortunately, we are equally familiar with how torturous these bites can be before the urge to scratch finally fades. With a number of ointments and methods that can help soothe a bug bite, you may not have known that an effective solution is just a kitchen’s length away.


Pressing a hot spoon on a bug bite for several minutes can help relieve the urge to scratch (peoplespharmacy.com)

Pressing a hot spoon on a bug bite for several minutes can help relieve the urge to scratch (peoplespharmacy.com)

As it turns out, an effective trick for stopping a bug bite from itching is placing the back of a hot spoon on the bite and pressing down on the area gently. Simply place the spoon under hot water for a minute or so before pressing it on the bite, then holding it down for a few minutes. Of course, you’ll want to be careful to avoid burns by making sure the spoon is not too hot before pressing it down on your bite. That being said, the hotter you are able to tolerate it, the better.


While most people agree that this trick is helpful in relieving itching for up to several hours, there is a bit of an inconsistency in the reasoning behind it. Some believe that the heat from the spoon kills proteins that were injected under your skin when you were bitten that cause the itching. Others believe that the effectiveness comes down to the heat’s potential ability to temporarily numb nerve endings.


Varying explanations for the trick’s utility may largely come down to the wealth of information we have access to that allows for more than one line of reasoning to appear viable. As information flow increases, so do opinions and attitudes. Unfortunately, it simultaneously makes it difficult to differentiate between which explanations are most accurate and which are less so.


For now, we’re perfectly satisfied just knowing that there is a reason that this trick works, whatever it may be. After all, when a bug bite surfaces, the main priority is just finding a way to kick the itch to scratch.

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