When any of us make the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle, we adjust our diets, join a gym, and try to make sure we’re getting enough sleep. The problem is that while we think of all the ways we can improve our health by changing how we take care of our bodies physically, rarely do we think of what we surround our bodies with that could be just as influential on our health. One of the biggest examples is in the products that we use to clean our homes.


While you may think your health has nothing to do with the products you use to wipe down your countertops and shine your floors, the truth is that many commercial cleaning brands are ridden with toxins and harmful chemicals. This means these products can be tough on your skin, and also that they can pollute the air in your home, posing even more serious health risks.


Luckily, there are various organic, all-natural cleaning brands which use only the best ingredients and strive to create products that are as good for your health as they are for your home.


Read on to see just a few of our top picks, and see why getting a squeaky clean home doesn’t mean risking squeaky clean health.




The Laundress


Initially started by New York fashionistas, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, with the aim of creating a line of eco-friendly fabric care and laundry detergent, The Laundress brand grew to include green home-cleaning products, as well. With products that are entirely biodegradable and contain only natural scents and no toxins, The Laundress products are great for your home, your clothes, the environment, and your health — all at once.





Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day home-cleaning products are known for their sweet aromas, like lavender, sunflower, rosemary, and honeysuckle, but they get these scents from actual plant-based ingredients and essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrances. Yet even with these simple formulas — none of which include ingredients like ammonia, parabens, or phosphates — and delicate scents, Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products pack quite the punch when it comes to their ability to fight dirt in your home.





Better Life


Started by two dads and lifelong friends, Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs, Better Life was created in an effort to establish a new standard in the safety of cleaning products. Better Life cleaning products are made with plant-derived ingredients, and don’t contain harmful chemicals or leave behind toxic residue. These strides make the brand safe for your health while you’re using it and just as safe after you’re done.





J.R. Watkins


The J.R. Watkins brand has been creating all-natural home-cleaning products since 1868, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to getting your home clean while keeping your health in tip-top shape. Quality is of the utmost importance in J.R. Watkin’s products, and each product is made using biodegradable and non-toxic formulas to ensure optimum safety. You can even take a look at the brand’s Freedom Code on its website for a full list of ingredients that it has vowed not to use in its products.





Common Good


Common Good uses only the best ingredients and formulas to create safe, effective household cleaning products, but its approach to creating a better cleaning brand takes the effort even one step further. As a way of reducing plastic use and waste, Common Good was built around the idea of creating refillable household cleaners. Simply buy a product once, and when you’re down to your last bit, instead of buying a new one, just head to your nearest refill station — which you can find using the refill station locator on the Common Good website — to load up.



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