Among other topics, health care is one of the biggest issues being debated by the candidates of the 2016 presidential election. While many first world countries provide their citizens with free health care, the United States does not. This can cause Americans to pay a significant amount of money on doctor’s appointments, medicine, and emergency medical attention. Though neither major candidate has pledged to create a free health care system, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appear to have very strong viewpoints on how to make health care much more affordable.


(Flickr/Bob M)

(Flickr/Bob M)


The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is arguably the largest point in the health care debate between the Democrats and the Republicans. Trump claims that it is unethical to require each individual to have healthcare, or pay a penalty fee otherwise. On the other hand, Clinton not only wants to continue the use of Obamacare, but she wants to expand it beyond the current 20 million members as well.



Medicaid provides health care to Americans with the lowest incomes. Clinton plans to expand this program, which will provide more Americans with Medicaid. Trump believes that Medicaid provides too many benefits for those on Medicaid, and it is wasting the federal government’s money. Instead, he proposes that each state should decide how much Medicaid to provide.


Prescription prices

One point that both candidates agree on is that the out-of-pocket prices of prescriptions have grown significantly and need to be cut. Trump wants to move the pharmaceutical industry from a private sector to a public sector. Doing this will allow Americans to have access to cheaper drugs. Clinton agrees that drug prices must be lowered for all individuals.


These are only a few aspects of the fight for health care. Spend some time looking into the candidates’ health care plans and choose which one will be better for you.


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