Post-workout muscle soreness is bittersweet. It’s a satisfying reminder of a hard workout session, yet it’s a pain to deal with the morning after your tough exercise.


Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice a hardcore workout to avoid aches. Reducing post-workout soreness is simply a matter of giving your muscles some gentle TLC after you’re finished exercising.


Check out some of the best methods for soothing your muscles after a workout to make sure that you reap the ultimate benefits of your workout without the painful struggle outside of the gym.

Self-Massage and Foam Rolling

Just minutes of self-massage can make a huge difference in muscle soreness after a tough workout. This is because massaging your muscles helps to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of proteins called cytokins, which are responsible for swelling and subsequent soreness. Massaging the muscles also contributes to higher production of mitochondria, which experts suggest give muscles the ability to continue working hard future. As a form of self-massage, foam rolling would essentially have the same effect on muscles after a workout and could be just as important to soothing soreness. It also increases blood flow and improves flexibility, further contributing to future performance.


While static stretching isn’t your best option for prepping the body for a tough workout (you should instead focus on dynamic motions before a workout, like jumping jacks), it could be just what your body needs after a workout session. By loosening up your muscles, stretching can prevent soreness which arises as a result of tight muscles. Stretching can also improve flexibility, which in turn enhances performance and reduces risk of injury in the future.

Lotions, Balms, and Essential Oils

There are also a great deal of products which are created for the sole purpose of soothing muscles and preventing soreness after a workout, working to restore tired muscles and prevent lingering pain after working out. Some products, such as Bushmen’s Buchu Muscle Relaxing Bath Oil Drops, are intended to be added to your bath to soothe and relax your muscles as you wash up.  Other products, like This Works In-Transit Muscle Therapy or The Organic Pharmacy’s Arnica Sore Muscle Oil, can go straight onto your body and work straight away to create noticeable relief.


How do you soothe your muscles after a workout to prevent post-workout soreness? Share your tricks with us in the comments below or tweet me @tamarahoumi