Timing is everything. In the world of PR, the adage could not be truer. Knowing how to properly time PR moves and when to hold back can be the difference between averting a crisis and contributing to one.


As it turns out, the same methodology can also apply to your health.


When it comes to losing weight or maintaining healthy weight, many of us tend to place all of our consideration on what we’re eating. However, the reality is that when we eat can be just as important in promoting health as what we eat.


Having a protein-packed breakfast within an hour of waking up can kick your metabolism off to a good start (nacentralohio.com)

Having a protein-packed breakfast within an hour of waking up can kick your metabolism off to a good start (nacentralohio.com)

The science behind why timing your meals is important to your health, is predicated on the calories you consume and the extent to which it will be stored as fat or as energy to be burned. You can condition yourself to develop proper eating habits by using knowledge of your body’s natural processes, such as metabolic cycles and glucose production, and how they all relate to the timing of your consumption.


For example, protein can be leveraged to kick-start your metabolism in the morning and set you up for a healthy day. It’s important to consider timing here; you should try to consume protein within an hour of waking up in order to reap the full benefits of its effect on your body.


Studies have shown that paring down the times you eat each day, may promote better health, relative to eating the same number of calories sporadically over a longer period of time.


For instance, limiting your eating to an eight hour time span over the course of your day, can help promote a healthy metabolism and prevent health problems, such as high cholesterol or high blood sugar. This is because the body benefits from the break it gets from your last meal each day to your first meal the next day, and disrupting that break can ultimately take a toll on your body’s metabolic processes.


In the case of your health, while timing may not be everything — what you eat is still important, after all — it can be the key to optimizing your eating!


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