“The Warrington Clan” by Daphne King is a romantic, passionate story that talks about the importance of family traditions, prioritizing one’s personal happiness, and having the courage to accept love.


“The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind” – Coming soon from Dr. Daphne L King

With the winter getting colder and snowier most everywhere around the country, “The Warrington Clan” is a perfect alternative to escaping the weather. So, relax, have a hot cup of tea, and read on for more reasons why we cannot wait for “The Warrington Clan.”



There is epic romance


“The Warrington Clan” joins the ranks of epic love stories like “Titanic” and “Twilight” when Mila, the beautiful and successful protagonist is caught in a love triangle with longtime boyfriend Brian, and the alluring family friend, Terrence. Everyone has a soft spot for an epic couple, and Mila and the guy she chooses join the ranks as a “literature supercouple.”


It’s relatable

Mila is caught between her family traditions and following her own heart. She faces a crossroads in her life because she is caught between following a traditional path of marriage with someone she is expected to be with or following her own heart. Most everyone has trouble with choosing between what society wants for them and what they want for themselves, so the relatability of Daphne King’s book is what makes this a heartwarming story.


Best of all: There is an awesome pre-sale!

There is a special presale for the book. Anyone who purchases the book during the presale for the price of $20 will receive a signed copy of the book — and the first 100 people to pre-order will receive a complimentary gift with their order shipping in January. The sale ends January 20, so make sure you jump on the opportunity for a signed book and free gift!


It’s always important to read, so stay entertained and keep your mind in top shape with this unforgettable story by a great talent.


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