In Daphne King’s novel, “The Warrington Clan,” maintaining family ties and navigating new romantic relationships are the centerpiece of this heartwarming novel. Families are dysfunctional to say the least, especially during the holidays, which is a stressful time that requires staying true to traditions while making new memories with your loved ones.


Readers can learn some ideas on how to maintain familial relationships by reading “The Warrington Clan,” but here are some other ways you can strengthen family bonds.



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Cook and eat meals together


“The Warrington Clan” always talks about the importance of sharing and eating food, particularly soul food. Food evokes emotions in all of us since everyone can bond over a mutual love of great cuisine. Cooking and enjoying meals together over the holidays always is a great way of bonding with those you love.


Value experiences

The Huffington Post wrote that people with stronger interpersonal relationships are often happier and place less value on “things,” and focus more on experiences with families: play games, hike, travel, or just laugh. Objects can never replace the best experiences with your family.


Be honest

In “The Warrington Clan,” Mila is always struggling to be honest about her romantic relationships with her parents and Brandon struggles to tell his uncles that he chose to pledge a different fraternity than his family. Being honest with family is hard, but “The Warrington Clan” emphasizes that being truthful is the only way to keep those familial relationships strong. Never underestimate how forgiving and understanding family can be. The phrase “blood is thicker than water” is true for a reason.


Overall, family is all we have in this life. As “The Warrington Clan” insists, value what your family says. By doing so, then you are really following your heart.


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