Award-winning journalist and author Naomi Klein’s book, “No Is Not Enough Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics And Winning The World We Need,” encourages Americans to rise up in demand for social change. The book took her only a few months to write, as opposed to many years of research and writing her other works. The Canadian author and writer said she felt this book was important to get out quickly, and here is why.


“An unprecedented number of people are becoming engaged in movements and politics, which is the silver lining of Trump,” Klein said. She is hopeful her work will encourage Americans to implore some critical thinking skills and a “deeper analysis” about the past, present, and most importantly, the future of where this country is headed.


Klein stated, “It is important to be able to step back from that barrage of news that we are overwhelmed with and think about how we got here, what we can expect, how things can get worse and think strategically how things can get better.” In her book, she speaks of her concerns surrounding Trump’s inner circle calling it a “cabinet of destruction.”


She believes that Trump’s right-hand men have demonstrated mastery in exploitation, capitalizing on crisis situations while Americans have suffered. Klein is an author, but even moreso, she is an activist. Her work on the Leap Manifesto provided Canada with a blueprint for making a permanent transition from fossil fuels. She won the Sydney Peace Prize last November for her work.


Other works by Klein include bestsellers “This Changes Everything,” “The Shock Doctrine,” and “No Logo.” Her newest book, “No Is Not Enough,” is due for release June 13 and will be published by Allen Lane.


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