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1)  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin is fabulous

Mother, wife, author, and clinical research professional, this woman truly does it all; Fermin is bilingual, and enjoys having a large family and a diverse network of friends. Experiencing many funny, awkward, and interesting situations compelled her to write Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow with the hope that she might help guide others toward greater awareness and tact. You will probably have a lesson or two you can learn from her about tact.






2) Sometimes, you just need a laugh


Face it; people do stupid things.  Sometimes, the best thing to do is just laugh about it, and Fermin’s Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow will help you to do exactly that.  The stories are relatable and humorous and will have you laughing cover to cover.


3) Take a walk in someone else’s shoes



Fermin understands that everyone has a different background, and that everyone sees the world a little differently.  This is a theme that is woven through all of the stories in this book, and is an important lesson for anyone looking to add a little tact to their day-to-day life.


4) Be a better friend



Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow is the perfect book to help you analyze your own relationships: the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of them.  The book will help you to be a better friend, parent, husband/wife, or just be a better person.


5) You wont put the book down



Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow may be a light read, but it is vastly entertaining, thoroughly engaging, and wildly transformative. What are you waiting for? Everyone is already buzzing about the book. Check out customer reviews of the book on Amazon today.  Then while you are there, make sure to select “add to cart” to purchase the book for yourself and/or a loved one. You have no excuses.

Tactful Tidbits is a collection of stories from Fermin’s own life, and those of her friends and family.  Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow is now available on Amazon in print. An eBook version of the book will become available this Summer .  In the meantime, visit, or follow the author and the book’s journey on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more info.  All press inquires should be directed to