Do you have a hard time making decisions? How can you be certain that the decision you made is the correct one? Author, media consultant, and award-winning journalist, Cheryl Strauss Einhorn (pictured above with her husband, David), has just released a book qualified to help anyone who can’t decide. It is entitled, “ Problem Solved.”



“Problem Solved” is Einhorn’s fourth book. In the book, she reveals a ground-breaking method for making complex decisions successfully. Her method is called the AREA method. This method coaches individuals with a step by step guide to help them gain the ability to make complex decisions with confidence.


Einhorn’s AREA method focuses four keys:

  • Absolute Information
  • Relative Information
  • Exploration/Exploitation
  • Analysis


Einhorn believes that “good process + good information = great decisions.” Her book focuses on these key principles and seeing success in her clients drives her to want to keep doing more. She has implemented these powerful keys with high school students as well, helping them navigate the tough choices they have to make in school and in their personal lives.


(Daily Entertainment News)

Her business, CSE Consulting, offers advice and services to clients with the focus on business, finance, and the economy. She consults with both individuals and entities helping them achieve positive business outcomes. She and her husband David are both graduates of Cornell University and together, they founded the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust. The mission of the trust is to empower families to live better lives.


Through her expertise, she advises people that making wiser choices is the only thing we have control over in uncertain times. Einhorn’s book “Problem Solved,” published by The Career Press, is available for purchase here.


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