Dr. Daphne L. King is a woman of many talents. As a former school social worker and now entrepreneur, King has already published a book of poetry called, “Love Heals All Wounds.” Now, she is embarking on writing fiction with “The Warringtan Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind” debuting this spring.


"The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love's Whirlwind" - Coming soon from Dr. Daphne L King

“The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind” – Coming soon from Dr. Daphne L King

Can you give a quick summary of your new book, The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind?  

This is just one of those happy, feel good stories of love and family. [Here’s a brief synopsis:] While visiting her family for the Christmas Holiday season, Mila is quickly reacquainted with an old family friend. Passions and sparks fly as Mila and Terrence immediately act on their strong attraction to one another. Warring with feelings of intense attraction and passionate love, Terrence and Mila embark on a whirlwind towards their true destiny.

Each member of the Warrington Clan has a war between honoring their family traditions and setting a course for their lives on their own terms. This is a story that anyone could relate to and find some form of inspiration or hope.


Love is a central theme in many of your works, from your first book of poetry to your most recent work. What about love do you find the most inspiring?

For me, Love is more than just a feeling. It is an action. It is inspiring when you know that someone loves you by the kind words they speak, the thoughtful things that they do for you, or the support they provide to you. Love is the one most central ingredient to living a full, balanced life on earth.


Walk me through a typical day for you.

I am the Director of Program Operations for Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc., a non-profit agency. I am a founding partner, providing reentry services to citizens that have been previously incarcerated. I stepped out on faith in August and left my job as a school social worker to pursue self-employment and being an entrepreneur full time. So, I don’t necessarily have a typical day. I try to balance the week between conducting business for Writings by Daphne and Transition Solutions Enterprises. Now, I basically set my own schedule and prioritize according to what deadlines need to be met within that week.


Dr. Daphne L King is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational leader, and aspiring entertainment personality.

Dr. Daphne L King is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational leader, and aspiring entertainment personality.

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always excelled in English and writing courses in school. As a child I participated in a [creative writing] program at the community college for gifted students. So, I have always had a love for writing. It was actually during the time of working on my dissertation that I rediscovered that love of writing and realized that I wanted to do more with writing. I remember in her comments to me, the chair of my dissertation committee stating that she thought I wrote beautifully and couldn’t wait to read more of my dissertation. It was also during this time that I experienced a death of close relatives in my family every year for a five-year period. I started journaling to help me through that process, and that is when Writings by Daphne was born and Love Heals all Wounds was written. Things just continued to take off from there.


How do you balance a full-time job with being an author?

I am a very organized and detailed person, so I keep a calendar of appointments and deadlines.  I also have a daily to-do List that I follow.


What do you hope will be the biggest takeaways readers will get from your story?

I hope that they will take away that there is always hope and always some form of inspiration in this world. I want them to be encouraged by all of my books from the inspirational/self-help books to the fictional novels. I want them to take away that love really is the best ingredient to have hope and inspiration.


What are your future hopes and goals?

On a personal level, I want to be married one day and build a family and business with my husband. Professionally, I want to continue to write and publish books and one day be on the New York Times bestselling list, as well as have my novels made into a movie. Also professionally, I want to have a successful life coaching business to assist others in achieving their goals and seeing their dreams come true. I would love to host my own radio or talk show expanding on giving encouragement, inspiration, and hope to my followers.


Make sure to look out for Daphne L. King’s new book, “The Warringtan Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind” in the spring! In the meantime, what do you find most relatable or interesting about Daphne? Tweet @issabasco.