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Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow started out as a joke among friends.  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin and her friends would trade stories about their own lives, people that they knew, and their opinions on various topics; they would always joke that they should, “put it in the book.”  Then, one day, Fermin sat down and started to write the book. “I would write down these stories, and then I realized I had 10,000 words, all I needed was 24,000 words to write a 100-page book.  That is when I realized I could really write a book,” Fermin told MUI Daily News.


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Cheyney Fermin’s Tactful Tidbits For a Tasteful Tomorrow now available on Amazon.com

Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow is a collection of stories, often humorous stories, aimed at showing its readers how to navigate live with a little grace and tact. A major theme of the book is the necessity to understand that everyone comes from a different background, making tact and selflessness important social tools for a successful life.  The book covers a range of topics, from being a polite guest, to being respectful of other people’s time and money; the book has something to offer for everyone who picks it up.


According to Fermin, “Tactful Tidbits gives readers a chance to step back, and reflect on their own lives.  The book helps people to think through things, and be cognizant of where others could be coming from in certain situations.  It aims to make readers appreciative of people and situations in their own lives. ” The book is a great conversation starter among friends and family, and is likely to make everyone laugh. “I think Tactful Tidbits has something to offer for everyone, both genders,” Fermin said, “Everyone will find something that they will be able to relate to.”


Self Help Book, Amazon, Self Help, Personal Growth, Tactful Tidbits For a Tasteful Tomorrow, Self-Help book, Author, Manners, Modern Etiquette

Cheyney Easley Fermin (tactfultidbits.com)

Fermin also believes her book to be a great resource for self help, if that is something you are looking for.  “Self help requires a person to look at themselves critically in uncomfortable ways, Tactful Tidbits uses humor to make this self reflection a little easier.” Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow features illustrations that appear throughout the book.  Just like the stories in the book, these images are fun, lighthearted, and amusing.


Fermin’s book is a fun and lighthearted read; Fermin shared her guiding principle for writing the book with us: “If I can make one person smile, or smirk, or laugh out load, or just make them happy for 30 seconds, then I have done something good for humanity.”  The book is full of stories that will make you laugh, so we say, mission accomplished.



Fermin has had a career as a clinical research professional for the past nine years.  She received an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, a Master’s degree in public health from Boston University, and has studied the healthcare system in Costa Rica.  Fermin currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband and daughter, and has a diverse network of friends that helped to inspire the collection of stories in Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow.  Fermin sees her book as a necessary juxtaposition to a depressing, and overwhelmingly negative news cycle.


For more information, you can visit tactfultidbits.com and/or socialize with the author on Facebook and Instagram.


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