Love and family are two of the biggest reasons why the holidays are a warm, fulfilling time of the year. Dr. Daphne L. King’s highly anticipated novel, “The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind,” publishing Spring 2017, explores the importance of family traditions and controlling your own destiny.


"The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love's Whirlwind" - Coming soon from Dr. Daphne L King

“The Warrington Clan Book 1: Love’s Whirlwind” – Coming soon from Dr. Daphne L King

The Warrington family is facing a lot of changes during the holidays. Mila, a well-paid mental health professional, is dedicated to helping the African-American community, but her boyfriend, Brian, refuses to visit her family over the holidays and is unsure he wants to marry her. Mila’s cousin Brandon is a University of Maryland student who is expected to follow his uncles’ footsteps by pledging the family’s fraternity, but he disappoints them by pledging another organization.


Terrence, a gorgeous, old friend of the family finds himself attracted to Mila when they cross paths over the break. Their mutual attraction incites jealousy from his ex-fiancee, Regina, who will do anything to win Terrence back.


“The Warrington Clan” explores the tough decisions that come between staying loyal to family traditions and finding happiness for ourselves. The protagonist, Mila, is at a crossroads in love and her relationships; tired of facing questions about her future from her parents, she also finds herself conflicted over her feelings between Brian and Terrence.


Dr. Daphne L King is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational leader, and aspiring entertainment personality.

Dr. Daphne L King is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational leader, and aspiring entertainment personality.

King, whose past book, “Love Heals All Wounds,” also explored the power of love, focuses primarily on relationships in her latest work. The Warrington family is filled with examples of loving relationships between Mila’s paternal and maternal families. Mila’s crossroads leads her to examine her bond with God, often praying to Him as a guide for spiritual and emotional support. She is also a talented writer; the book is filled with sweet excerpts of poetry that examine her sentiments about childhood memories, family, love, and God.


Romance and family are what make “The Warrington Clan” an exciting page-turner. What makes King’s book so remarkable is that she touches on themes that are relevant for everyone, especially over the holidays: a sharing of food, laughter, and the natural warmth of family love are what make the Warrington family just like ours.


Still, King takes us on an emotional journey of drama, crime, and passion. Mila’s journey for personal happiness comes with a price, and readers are often left wondering if she will ever attain the “happy ending” she desperately wants and deserves.


If faced with difficult choices over the holiday season, readers can take comfort in the Warrington Clan’s story, knowing that what holds us together will always be love and family. As King once wrote about love: “Love is the one most central ingredient to living a full, balanced life on earth.”


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