Reality TV star Valerie Fairman was found unresponsive by a friend in the bathroom of her home on December 21. Although the autopsy report has not yet been revealed, all the signs point to an apparent drug overdose. According to friends of the former star, Valerie is said to have struggled for years with an addiction. Things just went into overdrive after her stint on reality TV.


Valerie was in Season 2 of the MTV reality show which chronicled her pregnancy and turbulent relationship with the baby’s father, Matt. In one scene, she is asking for Matt to consider getting back together with her. It is clear she still loved him, but he told her he did not want a relationship at the time. At this response, she makes a statement that sums up how alone she must have felt inside. She stated, “I feel like I’m just doing this by myself.”


In addition to her battle with addiction, the troubled former star committed multiple legal offenses. Valerie violated her probation in 2014 in connection with previous arrests for moving property theft, and receiving stolen property. She was released on parole in June of 2014. She was arrested in February 2015 for prostitution in, and again just a week prior to her death for resisting arrest and giving officers a false identification.




Valerie leaves behind her seven-year-old daughter, Nevaeh, whom she said was her “whole world.” Valerie was adopted into the Fairman family and has other adopted siblings. She dated David Pryce, the uncle to Matt, her daughter’s father. According to him, the struggle with addiction was just too strong. She tried to treat the addiction through rehab, but was unsuccessful.


His interview with The Daily Mail shows David is taking Valerie’s untimely death hard stating,

I blamed myself. I should’ve tried harder. But I couldn’t get her to come back…There was just no way to get in touch with her and tell her that.” In a separate interview, When she was with me, she was fighting so hard to get clean. She would be sick every morning. But she can’t kick it.”


RIP Valerie. Finally, rest in peace.


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