With the end of yet anther iconic TV show soon approaching, there are a few parting thoughts that should be jotted down. Just like “Friends” came up with phrases like “How you doin’?” and Ross’s hilarious way of telling people to stop talking, it is no wonder that “How I Met Your Mother” (arguably the next generation of “Friends”) would have more than its fair share of takeaways.


So, let’s take a moment and bow our heads in silence and remember some of the best things “How I Met Your Mother” taught us.


1. The hook. “Hooked” (season 4, episode 16) was a great episode that everyone — even people who are not a fan of How I Met Your Mother — should watch. We all know someone who is guilty of keeping someone on “the hook,” and prior to this “How I Met Your Mother” episode, few knew what to call this particular phenomenon. This is when a man or woman has a boyfriend or girlfriend but keeps the “door open” for someone they actually will never date. This was also apparent (but nameless) in “He’s Just Not That Into You.”


2. Don’t date someone you see on a regular basis. In the episode “The Platinum Rule” (season 3, episode 11), the gang tries to convince Ted against going out with Stella: “don’t poop where you eat.” They recant stories of people that they dated (or couple dated) that turned sour fast. It’s hilarious and certainly a story older than time that everyone ends up taking part in, so it’s very relateable.


3. If you look back far enough, you can blame a shiny penny for missing your flight. In the episode “Lucky Penny” (season 2, episode 15), Ted misses his flight and retraces the reasons why he missed his flight. It’s the best way to disprove the passive-aggressive reasoning that you can always blame someone else for your problems.


4. Most of the time, you’re unaware of the flaws of people that you like. This was easily one of the funniest episodes called “Spoiler Alert” (season 3, episode 8). Ted introduces a new girlfriend to the group, and when they realize he’s totally unaware of her huge flaw, they try their best to avoid telling him. When he does find out, though, he can’t get it out of his head and eventually breaks up with her.


5. The Cheerleader Effect. Arguably one of the most accurate theories that Barney has come up with throughout the show, the cheerleader effect was explained in “Not a Father’s Day” (season 4, episode 7). It’s the theory that a group of girls together will automatically look hotter than they would separately.


6. The Mermaid Theory (season 6, episode 11): this theory, from a female standpoint, is interesting and almost too simplistic, but could easily explain some male behavior at the same time. The mermaid theory is that no matter how unattractive a woman is, someday, one way or the other, the male brain will turn a “seal” into a “mermaid.”


7. Beer brings out the “bromance,” and champagne can ruin it. “The Perfect Cocktail” (season 6, episode 22), Marshall and Barney argue about the destruction of the Arcadian Hotel. The girls, Lily and Robin, end up trying to give them the perfect cocktail mix to get them talking and get them to make up. It turns out, beer was the quick fix, but the champagne made them forget their “bromance” from the night before.


8. “The Over-Correction” (season 8 episode 10) is the theory that when a person over-corrects after a huge disappointment. When Barney breaks up with Quinn, a stripper he never really trusted, he “over-corrects” and dates Robin’s annoyingly smothering coworker, Patrice, someone he knows he can trust.


Overall, in terms of “life lessons,” season 3 is definitely chock-full of them. There only about three episodes left.  Therefore, if you haven’t already seen any of the “How I Met Your Mother” episodes (now airing on CBS), you can stream seasons 1-8 on Netflix!


What other things has “How I Met Your Mother” taught you? Anything to add to the list? What do you think of some of the theories/lessons in this list? Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!