When one thinks of authentic Texas music, they’re often quick to think of either Austin’s vibrant music scene or of course, the many country music artists who call The Lone Star State their home. In their defense, there are countless excellent artists who still refer to Texas as their homeland and their songs will be immortalized here.


However, one band is making their name known, not by country music but instead by their unique sound, having Latin undertones mixed with an original sound that’s independent of the stereotypical Texan sound seen in the country genre, especially the music of the king himself, George Strait.


(Photo: Jonathan Mozqueda)

Supersonic Lips, a band from The Big D itself, has been nominated by the Dallas Observer Music Awards for Latin/Tejano music on three different occasions. Yet, they were unsure about the nominations at first.


“We were skeptical about it.” the guitarist Saulo Ramón explained. “We don’t play Latin music. We play rock music. We’re just Hispanic kids. Eventually, we just got over it because any type of publicity is good publicity and it’s not like we were given a bad stigma or anything like that. We embraced it because we do have some inspiration from a Latin background, we try not to overpower it too much. We do a little here and there with drum beats and stuff like that.”


While they’ve played and are continuing to put on excellent shows at the many different concerts in Dallas that wouldn’t be considered Latin rock, they’re still sometimes described as fitting in that genre anyway.


“There’s a lot of people out there that still think we play Latin music. That’s why we say we have kind of a misleading label because they hear about the Dallas Observer thing and automatically assume we’re a Latin or Spanish-speaking band.”


In terms of their musical influences, they vary greatly between many genres.


“We all listen to a bunch of different stuff. The drummer, Jawdat and I, we come from a more metal background. In high school, we would listen to death metal and stuff like that. Miguel (their bassist) is more all over the place. He listens to jazz, a lot of underground bands, and hip hop. Yaya (their vocalist) likes indie and pop-related stuff as well. My favorite is Nine Inch Nails.”


When listening to their newest album “Blinded Pleasures”, one can certainly hear the excellent Trent Reznor-inspired influences, but with an original twist.


“We try to merge all of our different loves of music and combine them to create something instead of just having one guy say, ‘Okay, we’re going to do this.’ Yaya handles the lyrics, too.”


My personal favorite song of their performance I witnessed, about two months ago during The Grenada’s Free Week of concerts, was their song “Talk to Me.”


“Personally, I do like ‘Talk to Me’ live. I do like ‘Lost Dreams.’ ‘Fool’ is a cool one, too. Those are probably my top three to play live.”


In terms of other bands they’ve met, Ramón told the story about their band meeting the members of TV On The Radio.


“When we played Untapped last year, we got to meet them. We opened and we played on the same stage as them. And they were really cool, really nice people.”


Overall, Supersonic Lips is absolutely worth seeing live. Their shows are electric, no pun intended, and they play with the beautiful and seemingly flawless chemistry that few other bands do.


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