Among mainstream rappers in pop culture — each with their own likeable and marketable qualities —  few demonstrate the image of friendliness, humor and charitableness quite like the Six’s own Drake. From his humble beginnings on the Canadian teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, the Toronto rapper’s public persona has extended beyond solely his music.
A celebrity in every sense of the word, Aubrey Drake Graham has made numerous appearances on “Saturday Night Live”, hosted both the 2014 ESPN’s Espy Awards and the inaugural 2017 NBA Awards and has made cameos in several films including “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” and “Think Like a Man Too”.
Along with his decorated filmography, Drake has become a pioneer and bestseller in the music industry. Combining a perfect blend of emotion and celebration in his music, I do not think there is a situation that his music does not perfectly describe. Yet, the brilliant complexity of his music is only outdone by the commercial success of his career, with albums such as his sophomore  “Take Care” which according to his wiki page, sold four million copies and earned Drake the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
Being the co-owner of Pick 6ix, an upscale restaurant in Toronto with a menu ripe with diversity, Drake is also a businessman and a restaurateur. He is an incredibly successful individual; and with his recent video, the rap artist/actor/businessman might be making an attempt at campaigning for president. Just kidding for now, of course. Still, Drake has proven that along with his success stories in the rap industry, he may be the rap game’s Superman too.

an image of drake in his 2018 music video "gods plan" signing a check in the amount of 20,000 for the Miami Fire Department.

Drake in new music video “Gods Plan” (W Magazine)

The video for “God’s Plan” is shot in cinematically beautiful scenes across Miami, from the campus of The University of Miami to South Beach. Although, instead of a rap music video consisting of flashy cars, models, and champagne to excess, Drake ventured across Miami as he spent the entire budget of the video in a thoughtful and good-hearted way. The $1 million budget was spent on committing a variety of charitable deeds for many non-profit organizations and locals across the city.
Humbly walking around Miami — even as Miamians freaked out as they saw him — Drake took care of the payment for all the patrons at a grocery store, and gave sizable donations in novelty check forms, to groups like The City of Miami Fire Department, The University of Miami Frost School of Music, The Lotus House Women’s Shelter and even a scholarship through The University of Miami. He let everyone from children to preteens go on shopping sprees and gave stacks of money to unsuspecting, yet eternally grateful families.
To some of the younger ones he helped out, Drake taught them a vital lesson. “We’re nothing without our mothers.” Drake wisely stated.
Not only is the video a perfect representation of philanthropy by a musician, but the video for “God’s Plan” will hopefully create a large-scale pay it-forward campaign, where those influenced by the video will hopefully do a charitable deed to better their community or at least someone’s life.

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