In awards shows of all types, the hosts usually aren’t too political and are instead humorous and lampoon various individuals who are also attending the award ceremony. Regardless of which awards ceremony is being aired, whether it be The ESPY’s, The Teen Choice Awards or even The Oscars, humor is always appreciated instead of political or serious matters. And while there may be the obligatory yet highly respectful “In Memoriam” section of the ceremony, the majority of the evening is comical, light-hearted and joyous camaraderie occurs between the many star-studded guests of the evening. And even occasionally, the host might perhaps even perform a satirical song on current events, even sometimes a parody of their own song.


Arguably, the best example of this is at the 2014 EPSY’s, where multi-platinum rapper and host Drake performed a parody based on current events in the NBA of his song “Worst Behavior” entitled “Donald Sterling Never Loved Us.” While Drake received some criticism, the overall consensus was that the performance was humorous and poignant.


At this most recent Country Music Association Awards, critically acclaimed country musicians Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood received that very honor of being the co-hosts for the evening. Each very established in the country music scene in their own right, it was almost a given that the two musicians would host the ceremony. Although under explicit orders from the CMA’s not to get political, Paisley and Underwood decided to veer away from those orders in a quite hilarious fashion.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re fully aware of President Trump’s erratic and often unprofessional use of Twitter. From dissing Kim Jong Un like they’re rap battling, to calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”, to falsely declaring that transgender people aren’t allowed in the military and the infamous “covfefe”, “The Leader of The Free World” certainly uses Twitter in a way no other politician does. Since the election, Trump’s strange use of the social media platform has become the butt of many late night talk show jokes.


Although, making fun of President Trump, especially at the Country Music Awards, almost seemed unheard of considering the fact that he’s a Republican and it’s the CMA’s. Yet, after a thoughtful and somber statement regarding the recent massacre at The Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Paisley broke into a few different parodies of popular country songs before eventually deciding on a parody of the wildly successful song by Carrie Underwood herself, “Before He Cheats.”


The song, albeit only 90 seconds at most, was chock full of jokes about the many eccentricities about Trump’s use of Twitter. Along with parodying the correct pronunciation of “covfefe”, Paisley and Underwood lampooned the many Twitter beefs that President Trump has found himself in, including “liddle’” Bob Corker, “rocket man” Kim Jong Un and his disrespect towards NFL players who’ve protested the anthem.  


Even if you’re not the biggest country music fan, the fact that Paisley and Underwood made fun of the sitting president shows that even country music stars aren’t immune from expressing their criticism of this very controversial president that we Americans find ourselves living with. That, and everyone at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena found it hilarious.


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