Over the past few years in the exciting world of business acquisitions and mergers, few corporations have dominated that field quite like The Walt Disney Company. A far cry from Walt Disney’s original dream of quality animation and theme parks, the company has become nothing short of a conglomerate of entertainment by purchasing many big-name companies in that very field. Throughout recent years, they’ve purchased companies in entertainment such as the family-friendly classic film-producing Pixar, the superhero phenomenon Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even the most popular name in sports, ESPN.


(Disney Parks/Disney)

Of all their acquisitions, the one that’s caught quite the attention of many was the acquisition of one of the most impactful and iconic names in entertainment, LucasArts. Yes, the very company that produced arguably the most legendary franchise in science fiction, Star Wars, and the overly adventurous Indiana Jones were now property of the same company that produced Mickey Mouse, his many friends and the obviously forgotten Song of The South. This means that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Captain America and ESPN’s many TV personalities are all owned by The House of Mouse.


Well, Disney is attempting to grow their already ridiculously large empire by possibly purchasing the only other company that has partially owns the other characters in the Marvel superhero universe, 21st Century Fox. While nothing is set in stone, Disney has shown unique interest in the company, possibly in an attempt to have full control over the entire Marvel universe.


The structure of exactly who owns the legal rights to which character in the Marvel universe is quite complex. Disney owns the Marvel Cinematic universe, which spans from the Avengers series as well as the incredibly popular “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. You know, the franchises that are producing movies at an alarmingly fast and sometimes unnecessary fashion. On the other hand is 21st Century Fox, who owns the X Men films and the wildly raunchy yet popular Deadpool. And with the recent release of possibly the best R-rated superhero movie ever, Logan, 21st Century Fox seems to be distancing themselves from the sometimes overly campy feeling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their movies are more serious and gritty when compared to the Disney-owned side of Marvel.


While nothing has been set in stone, CNBC reports that the two companies are in talks. Although, even if the acquisition were to happen, Disney wouldn’t own all of Fox’s entities as Fox has it’s own sports producing part of their businesses, meaning that both Fox Sports and ESPN would be owned by Disney. These two companies could potentially lead to various conflicts of interests, Also, Disney wouldn’t be purchasing local Fox broadcasting stations throughout the country.


If Disney were to purchase the majority of 21st Century Fox, that could potentially be a brilliant business move for the company that has nothing short of an entertainment empire. Although just from a consumer standpoint, I hope they don’t try to change the Deadpool series from the amazingly raunchy hard R-rated comedy that it is into a shell of itself in the interest of gaining a few dollars.


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