With the many television channels and streaming services offering their own original content on cooking, you as the consumer are bound to experience something special or otherwise unique on every single program. There’s plenty of shows on the plenty of channels, everything from traveling across the world with Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on CNN to rolling out and looking for the best diners, drive-ins and dives with Guy Fieri on the Food Network.


However, even with a multitude of shows regarding food that cover a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the culinary arts and the socializing that cooking often brings, none quite cover the subject of cooking with celebrities quite as well as an MTV original series that recently premiered its second season.


Now if you can, imagine randomly pulling the names of two celebrities out of a hat. Okay, and then give those two randomly chosen celebrities a cooking show where they cook delicious meals, have other celebrities from several fields and talk about each others’ families and loved ones. If you wanted to see an actual interpretation of that situation listed above, then watch Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner on MTV.


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Even with the rap legend and The Doggfather Snoop Dogg and cooking legend Martha Stewart coming from completely opposite fields of popular culture, the show couldn’t be more enjoyable. Never once does the natural chemistry between Snoop and Martha seem forced and never does the show seem to be a blatant cash grab of a television program based solely on the protagonists’ popularity. Instead, the legendary rapper and the equally as respected chef genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


Some people might be skeptical about the concept of the show since Stewart and Dogg come from such opposite fields. However, on a recent episode of Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, Snoop said something brilliant that perfectly summarizes how special this program is compared to the countless other cooking programs.


Like many people who initially hear about the program, Harvey was skeptical and thought that “someone had made a mistake.” However, Snoop responded with a quote that should forever be remembered as a classic quote from The Doggfather.

It’s amazing how people are the same when you get ‘em together. It don’t matter where you were raised, what color you are, what your religion is. When you put two people in a room and they start chilling with each other, they start to love the same things. This is a great culmination of showing you what America needs.”


Snoop and Stewart stay true to that testament of diversity and respect by hosting many different guests from all types of fields, from director and actor Seth Rogen to model Bella Thorne to some of the equally legendary rappers, including Ice Cube, 50 Cent and even 2 Chainz. Occasionally, up and comers in the music industry will perform a song to conclude the show with.


This season’s lineup of guests similarly involve a wide variety of guests, including the Roastmaster General himself Jeff Ross and rapper/living meme Post Malone. If you’re keen on cooking shows and love everything that Snoop Dogg does, then I couldn’t recommend this program enough.


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