Even with the advent of social media, streaming media such as music and video and creating snapchat videos, I am happy to see one tradition has not faltered.
In the old days, when someone was extra special, people would usually perform a chivalrous act of creating a playlist on a CD. Whether it was a playlist consisting entirely of love songs or songs that evoke pleasant memories in a relationship, a playlist made exclusively for your significant other, was the best way to show appreciation for someone special.
Although the act of creating a playlist on a CD has sadly fallen to the wayside, the tradition has luckily found a new home on music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal (for those who like to be financially excessive in their musical streaming choices).
On any one of these platforms, a user may create a playlist for any situation imaginable. Whether it’s a wedding playlist, a playlist for a bar mitzvah, a playlist consisting solely of 1980’s music for a themed party, a playlist of only Australian rock or even a particular playlist called “One Night Stand With Jeb Bush Like He’s a Bond Girl in A European Casino” (available on Spotify).  There is no circumstance that a playlist on a music streaming service is not perfect for. Many musicians and celebrities have created their own playlists, each with its own unique title and tracks.
Unlike our current president who does not probably think Dr. Dre actually went to medical school, President Obama understands pop culture and has publicized his interest in the songs from popular musical artists like Kendrick Lamar, Bruce Springsteen and fellow Chicagoan Common. Obama even had Beyonce perform at his second inauguration, which certainly speaks volumes about his understanding of pop culture and friendliness towards fellow celebrities.

The cover of "Forever Mine," a spotify playlist that Michelle Obama created for Barack Obama

Forever Mine (spotify)

For Valentine’s Day, Former First Lady Michelle Obama decided to honor her presidential husband in a way that left music-loving millennials fawning and referring to the former presidential couple with phrases like “couple goals” and “life goals”.
Quite like many music-loving partners on the day of love, Michelle Obama made a playlist on Spotify for Barack Obama entitled “Forever Mine.” The playlist consists of a diverse group of artists, from Bruno Mars to Adele, as well as legends who have sadly passed but whose legacy is immortal like Barry White and Whitney Houston.
With over 100,000 followers, the playlist is an excellent one in its own right regardless of the very popular creator. One does not have to be a music snob in order to enjoy the array of genres and songs on “Forever Mine”, including Elton John’s classic for any romantic playlist, “Your Song” and an appearance from Florence + The Machine.
While the most notable individuals our current president can have perform at a rally is Ted Nugent or at best Scott Baio, this playlist made thousands reminisce upon a time when America’s 44th president befriended celebrities instead of dissing them on Twitter like he is in a rap battle.
The playlist also demonstrates how Michelle and Barack Obama genuinely care for each other.

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