One of the earliest and most delightful films to be released this year is Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s “The Lego Movie.” A wonderful film that is truly innovative, totally unique and shines in a market full of sub-par 3D animations.


Chris Pratt stars as Emmett, an ordinary worker who is thrown on an adventure when he finds The Piece of Resistance. Together with Batman, Han Solo, Wonder Woman, Gandalf, Green Lantern, Superman, 1980-something space guy, and Morgan Freeman, he goes on a quest to stop the evil Lord Business from sterilizing the awesome Lego Universe.


Yes, you read that correctly. All of those characters and then some are on screen together in The Lego Movie. Is it possible not to geek out over this film?


From start to finish, it’s a visual feast. Every scene, every moment is so energetic and lively that you can’t help but get swept up in this hyperkinetic world they’ve created. The filmmakers have managed to capture the tactility of an actual Lego film, while also running wild with the freedom they are allowed by 3D digital animation. The result is marvelous and often breathtaking.


But many animations look pretty. These days, it’s hard to separate yourself on visuals alone. Lord and Miller are fully aware of that and it shows in their script. “The Lego Movie” is both the best satire and comedy I’ve seen in a long. It remains sharp and subversive in its commentary against uniformity and control, while being wildly funny, with jokes constantly coming at you. It’s still early in 2014, but we are preemptively nominating “The Lego Movie” for Best Original Screenplay. It’s really that good.


Usually a stacked voice cast gives animated films an excuse to be lazy. It doe not need to be that good as long as there is a star attached. That is, however, far from the case with “The Lego Movie.” Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Morgan Freeman are next-to-perfect as our heroes, and Will Arnett (Batman), Liam Neeson (Good cop/Bad Cop), and Will Ferrell (Lord Business) give genuinely funny comic performances.


Fans of the Lego video games aren’t all that surprised by this film’s success, though. For years the company has produced content that is as charming and funny as “The Lego Movie,” is based on successful franchises as Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, and Lord of the Rings. This movie is just another example of Lego proving that they are just as good at making games and films as they are at making toys.


We can not express our love for this film enough. You really need to see it.


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