One of the most significant innovations that Netflix brings to the table is in the area of original content. The internet streaming media firm is now in a position to finance, produce, and distribute products all on their own. This gives filmmakers a new avenue to make what they want to make, and could inevitably lead to better content.


The latest film made and released by Netflix is the documentary Mitt, a film that takes a look at Governor Willard Romney’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.  Given substantial access, documentarian Greg Whiteley attempts to take a non-partisan look at  Rommney, in order to get at the man behind the politician.


Mitt has the feel of a small independent documentary in terms of how it is shot and put together. The movie is made to look like one guy with a camera followed the Romney family around, shooting and capturing all of their conversations.


Mitt manages to stay intimate while being a grand scale movie.  Of course, this intimacy can be deceiving. The Romney family seem genuine, but they aren’t stupid. They know they’re on camera and that means they need to look and sound nice. We don’t know if anything they do is legitimate, and by the end of the film you don’t really know Mitt any better than at the beginning.


The biggest problem with the movie, though, is it’s lack of a strong narrative. You can tell Whiteley is grasping for something, and there is some inherent structuring that comes with the Romney campaign; yet, Mitt still feels like an amalgamation of behind the scenes clips rather than a story. It’s certainly entreating, but a more seasoned documentarian/journalist may have been able to really make something of this.


Still, Mitt is probably worth your time. I mean if you have a Netflix account, why not? It’s fun to watch and occasionally insightful as to the mechanics of the Romney campaign, just don’t go in expecting a great piece of journalism.



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