More often than not, planning and recording every episode of late night comedy talk shows could be quite tedious. The staff need to ensure that the guests will arrive, the musical act will be able to perform their set and that the host themselves are ready to host.


Unlike episodic comedies or dramas on cable which usually only have a single episode per week, late night comedy shows usually have daily episodes. This constant barrage of guests, recordings, musical acts and maybe even personal matters in the host’s or guest’s’ life mean that accidents are inevitable and sometimes do occur, leading to some guests unable to appear and some hosts unable to host.


A recent example of this would be Jimmy Kimmel allowing various celebrities from different fields to guest host his show during the last week of October. Kimmel’s brief absence due to an originally planned surgery date for his infant son proved to be quite hilarious given the much-loved guest hosts in his place; acclaimed actress Jennifer Lawrence, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl just to name a few. While these celebrities hosted on Jimmy Kimmel’s program, this makeshift formula wasn’t exclusive only to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.


Due to the very joyous occasion of him and his wife having a new daughter on December 12, James Corden of “The Late Late Show” was understandably unable to host for the night. At only 2 and a half hours notice, this situation certainly couldn’t have been less ideal. Then all of a sudden, the show received help from a rather unlikely source, certainly one I didn’t anticipate hosting.



Former One Directioner and incredibly successful solo artist Harry Styles swooped in at only hours to spare and came in to host the episode of “The Late Late Show” for the night. Styles immediately began the show with a very relevant and honestly somewhat realistic joke given the strange presidential administration we’re living in.


“Donald Trump finally got sick of James’s jokes and deported him back to England,” Styles joked.


But then Styles updated the audience on the Corden family’s very happy condition and status. He informed the audience that James and his wife Julia Carey gave birth to their very healthy daughter and their third child, which Styles described as “looks a lot like James, mainly because James looks like a giant baby.”


The episode was particularly special because Harry Styles, a British musician, made punchlines at everything from former Senate candidate Roy Moore, to the First Lady Melania Trump leaving to the moonm and every other current event in between. The guests for the evening included the man who says the word “wow” the best, Owen Wilson; as well as “30 Rock” star Jane Krakowski.  


With this recent trend of celebrities standing in for absent late night talk shows, I’m excited to see who may guest host an episode of a late night talk show. Hopefully, just hopefully, Neil DeGrasse Tyson or maybe even Mike Tyson could host a show. I would gladly watch either one of those shows.   


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