Among the many musical acts currently making themselves known for their unique lyrical abilities, musical talents, eccentric stage performances or all three, one sub genre is definitely making itself known in America from far, far away. Music from the land down under itself, Australia, has become nothing short of a phenomenon in America with many bands, including the classic Men at Work, psych rock band Tame Impala, up-and-comers Methyl Ethyl, Kita Alexander, Middle Kids and Tash Sultana. But one artist is sticking out for her personal humility in her lyrics and personality, almost perfectly rocking the “girl next door” vibe as she does.  


Amy Shark, an Aussie from the beautiful and scenic Gold Coast of Queensland, has been dominating both the Australian and American music scenes with her one-of-a-kind take on traditional alternative music while giving it all a sense of simplicity and originality. Her songs are upbeat and have brilliant instrumentals yet Shark’s signature voice is calming. Her music covers all sorts of very particular themes in the dating world, ranging from a drunken adoration to having a fling with a special someone yet only during the weekend.


With a notable music career starting on YouTube and her initial single being released in 2014 entitled “Spits on Girls”, telling a message of not being the type of disrespectful gentleman to be obscene to women and “spit on girls”, Shark later released her Australian Recording Industry Association, or ARIA, double-platinum certified “Adore”. With recently hitting the dubious honor of reaching 25 million streams on Spotify, “Adore” became a massive success, becoming number three on ARIA charts and leading to Shark playing at multiple famous festivals such as Splendour on the Grass in New South Wales and even this most recent Austin City Limits, coincidentally being her first American music festival to play.


“Adore” was so massively successful in her native Australia that the single reached the number two spot on Triple J Hottest 100 songs for the whole year of 2016.  


(Amy Shark)

What sets Shark apart from the many equally as excellent artists coming out of Australia is that Shark perfectly rocks the “girl next door” vibe. In her live sets such as her set at ACL, Shark often gets as physically close to the audience as possible but also moving quickly across the stage. In her set at Splendour on The Grass, almost the entirety of the crowd sang along to the lyrics of “Adore” and “Weekends” and a similar effect happened at ACL, albeit on a much smaller scale.


On April 21, Shark released her first EP entitled “Night Thinker” with songs just as catchy and meaningful as “Adore.” For starters, “Drive You Mad” is a song as deep and impactful as its music video and any listener can personally relate to the story that “Weekends” portrays.


If you’re keen on Aussie bands in general and you’re fond of the very peculiar and signature sound that musicians from Australia bring, then I couldn’t recommend Amy Shark enough.


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