In the world of music it is not uncommon to see artists move away from their roots in order to fit the music industry mold; however, Lykke Li is not like any one of those artists. Li is a singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden whose music runs deep from within her being.


At the age of 19, Li moved to New York City to pursue music. Her move to New York was not very successful, and without a visa she was forced to return to Sweden. Her move back to Sweden proved fruitful, as she linked up with Bjorn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) who helped write and produce “Youth Novels,” Li’s debut album. Upon the release of “Youth Novels,” Li gained much popularity across the globe and her album showed up on various music industry watch lists.


Lykke Li’s second album, “Wounded Rhymes,” was slightly more daring and honest. Li expresses her move toward honesty and the process of writing an album with more experience saying, “[I had] [s]o much anger and sadness. The first album I did, looking back, I was inexperienced. I felt misunderstood. I don’t feel like I did a great job. This time round I had so much in me, I was writing like a maniac.”


“I Never Learn” album cover (

Her latest album, “I Never Learn,” is a stripped back, soul-bearing collection of nine songs. Following what she describes as the most heartbreaking breakup of her life, “I Never learn” is her most brutally honest album to date. In a radio interview, Li says that the only way to write is from a place of sincerity, “For me like in my art I cant be anything but honest, anything else would be a lie. I also think that that’s important because people do feel lonely and afraid and hopeless and despair. And I kind of wanted to speak to those people, to tell them that I’ve felt the exact same thing. I think that’s the only way to reach out is to be brutally honest.”


During the interview, Li also suggested that all three of her albums are a trilogy of experiences that occurred in her twenties. According to Li, her albums tell the story of a young women’s search for herself, love, and purpose. Li describes herself as lost and her music is an exploration of that feeling. Li will be on tour until next spring. Be sure to catch her at one of her upcoming concerts and experience the raw emotion and deeply felt instrumentation of Li’s songs live.


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