There are not enough words in any language to explain how legendary B.B. King was to music. His talents graced the world in 1949, when he released his first record. Sadly, on Thursday the great bluesman legend passed away in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.


A report from the Coroner’s Office in Clark County, Nevada indicated that King died of a series of small strokes that is most likely an effect of his Type 2 diabetes. His health has been questionable for at least the last six months, since his canceled tour following his last performance in October. Fans can rest assured that King is definitely in a better place.


The music community has done nothing but express their sympathies to King’s family and reflect on how much he has impacted the industry. Eric Clapton took to Facebook to pay his respects and, not surprisingly, his video has gone viral.



Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and Eric Clapton both released tributes to the great one.

Anastasio wrote:

“It’s literally impossible to overstate B.B. King’s influence on every single electric guitarist who followed in his path. All of us who have ever bent a note owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. When B.B. bent a note, it sounded like an amazingly soulful singer. He could shape it at will, and it sung out, like it was coming straight from his soul.”

Lenny Kravitz also expressed how he felt on Twitter.


King was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987, and his music will continue to live on through many lifetimes. With dozens of streaming devices, several options for mp3 players and video websites galore, it won’t be hard to find one’s favorite B.B. King track and put it on repeat to appreciate a classic. In fact, streaming those tracks on Spotify is quite the trend as his streams have skyrocketed around 9,800 percent. Although the world no longer shares its physical existence with B.B. King, technology has made his work digital and therefore immortal.


Rest in peace, B.B. King. Thank you for all that you have attributed to the universal love of music.


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