The bands featured this week are indie rock and indie pop that feature sound that are earthy, dreamy, and easy to move along to the beats. The layered, vibrant sounds that these bands share make them perfect to play while you’re trying to get your blood pumping while driving, doing homework, or at a party.


1. Alt-J

“An Awesome Wave” album cover (

Alt-J is an indie rock band from London with an earthly flow of sound mixed with a distinct voice that provides listeners with a unique and vibe-filled listening experience. Lead singer, Joe Newman, has a deep voice that resounds with a rolling intonation and is easy to move and sway to. Alt-J’s debut album, “An Awesome Wave,” has indeed made waves. Released in 2012, “An Awesome Wave” made its way up the charts in both the U.K. and the U.S., and won album of the year at the Ivor Novello Awards in 2012. Be sure to check Alt-J out on Spotify and iTunes.



2. Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run band members (

Half Moon Run is a Canadian indie rock band based out of Montreal. Known for their three part harmonies, Half Moon Run has a dynamic sound with a layered folksy, bluesy vibe combined with honest lyrics. Their song “Full Circle” is a perfect example of a layered sound that starts slow and continues to build. Many of their songs feature a tribal drum beats, and when combined with their harmonies, they create a rich sound that is expressive and precise. Half Moon Run released their latest album, “Dark Eyes,” in 2013, and they are currently on tour. Catch them at Governor’s Ball Music Festival in June. Check out Half Moon Run on Spotify and iTunes.



3. Alpine

Alpine Band Members (

Alpine is a six piece, indie pop band from Australia. The female vocals are airy and distracted, creating songs that flow with ease and capture a ghostly essence. Their songs combines haunting vocals with catchy pop beats, making it a easy to move to. Their song, “Seeing Red,” is bright and upbeat, with repeated lyrics layered over various electronic and vibrant beats. In 2013, Rolling Stone mentioned Alpine as a “band to watch.” Their full length album, “A is for Alpine,” was released in 2012 and is full of wavy, poppy tunes that anyone can enjoy. Check out Alpine on Spotify and iTunes.


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