This week’s bands range from electronic dance tunes to emotional electronic pop tunes. These bands are great for chilled out summer days when one needs something to listen to for relaxing and letting go. They are also perfect for studying or for mood music at a get-together.


1. Milky Chance

Clemens Rehbein of Milky Chance (

Milky Chance is a German duo with members Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch. The band is described as a folk, reggae, electronic, pop mix, combining these various genres with a DJ sound. After their song, “Stolen Dance,” began to gain viral success on YouTube, the band has become quite popular, selling out concerts around the world. “Stolen Dance” has a funky electronic vibe, and Rehbin’s smooth, raspy voice pairs with an infectious hand-clap beat. The band captures a sound that is both light and happy with a melancholy undertone. Their music makes it hard not to get up and dance, and is perfect for any party or chill setting. Sway along to “Stolen Dance” and other fun tunes from Milky Chance on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Klingande

French duo Klingande (

Klingande is a deep house duo from France with an instrumental, jazzy-pop sound. The band relies heavily on piano and saxophone to create their sound. Their song, “Jubel,” begins with a  tribal beat and continues into a slow piano, gradually gaining momentum. The song features a saxophone, along with a steadily growing beat. Their music has a jungle vibe with soul that will make anyone want to get up and dance. The duo has yet to release a full length album, but we can only hope they bring us more fun, jazz-inspired pop tunes soon. Check out Klingande on iTunes and Spotify.


3. London Grammar

Hannah Reid of London Grammar (cloud

London Grammar is a electronic pop trio from the UK. The band features the strong, soaring voice of vocalist Hannah Reid. Reid has been compared to popular artist Florence Welsh, of Florence and the Machine. The band has an electronic sound that combines with the emotional tones of Reid’s voice to create music with resonating depth. In their song, “Night Call,” one can feel tension between the lyrics and the slow, crawling piano. The song ends in an explosion of emotion and soul, with Reid’s striking voice resounded the lyrics, “I’m giving you a night call/ To tell you how I feel and how I feel.” Be sure to check out London Grammar on iTunes and Spotify.


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