In the music industry, hidden teasers are not uncommon in terms of marketing and promotion. So when Beyonce announced that she had a big secret to be revealed on “Good Morning America,” the world turned on televisions in hopes of being the first to hear the great news.



Given her successful musical career and ideal relationship status, fans theorized that perhaps Queen Bey had a little one on the way or some new material to preview. To many fans’ dismay, she discussed her new lifestyle choice to eat healthy and essentially lead a vegan life.


Now, she’s not giving up meat cold turkey (pun intended), but more so cutting back on things that may not contribute to her diet as holistically as desired. This choice is a trending lifestyle, considering that more and more people are opting for the gluten-free, soy based, no meat, no carb, and sugar-free meal plan. Unfortunately, Beyonce’s conversion was not as widely appreciated as if an old friend from high school had announced the same decision.


The media doesn’t necessarily portray celebrities as being average people. Behind the glitz and the glam, all music artists are still working for their living. Beyoncé’s announcement of her new dietary plans doesn’t call for backlash. Why did this happen? Because fans place celebrities on a pedestal and develop expectations, regardless of how feasible those are.


Vanity Fair’s article hits the issue right on the nose: fans weren’t upset with her announcement, just disappointed that it wasn’t anything more. As the music industry continues to thrive and develop new and innovative ways to provide spectacular material, audiences must remember to embrace the “human” side of the industry’s beloved artists.


What is your take on this? Do you think fans were right to be disappointed that Beyoncé’s announcement was about her new dietary restrictions? Tell me about it in a comment below or on Twitter @antoinette_8a.