Pedro do Sal, Brazil held their monthly Baile Black Bom (Good Black Party) in Rio De Janeiro, in celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture. The event which is free for guests from 5 P.M. until midnight features live bands, black fashion, DJs, and literature.  This type of event is an important part of the Brazilian culture.  Pedro do Sal (Rock of Salt) was once known as “Little Africa” and is an area rich in African-Brazilian culture.  The Baile Black Bom event hopes to highlight that history and culture in a modern and unique way.




This week’s event featured the band Consciência Tranquila (Quiet Conscience), a band influenced by classic soul and funk from the 70s, hip-hop, and R&B to create a unique genre of music. Alan Camargo, the band’s vocalist and organizer, stressed the importance of events like Baile Black Bom in Pedro do sal saying, “[We] have a very high regard for Brazilian African culture and black music. This respect for music is strengthened by being held in the historical and culturally rich site of Pedra do Sal.”


Camargo also illustrated the cultural bond that black music has with its ability to cover multiple genre, “besides R&B, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Rap in our country, black music also covers all the rhythms that use percussion instruments such as Samba, Maracatu and other rhythms that originated in Africa. Therefore, we believe that black music has the power to unite the parts of society that identify with at least some of these genres.”


The Baile Black Bom event hopes to bring cultural and historical awareness of Pedro do Sal to people of all ages with the help of bands like Consciência Tranquila. Their goal is to create a space where the Afro-Brazilian culture can be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone.


Baile Black Bom takes place every second Saturday of the month, if you are in the area be sure to check out this culturally rich and fun event!


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