What is that Hollywood pressure that causes celebrities to expose their inner lives on reality television? Today, there’s certainly debate to what extent actual truth is portrayed on these kinds of series, but, nevertheless, celebs continue to sign up for the camera crew to stake its territory in their households. Maybe their version of reality is viewing their own homes on prime time every week, but it certainly does not appear that way to households nationwide. It can often seem silly and, at worst, desperate. What really makes these celebrities desire to air out their dirty laundry on a national platform? The answers are anything but clear.



Vanilla Ice

Who knew 90’s music paired so well with home improvement? To Vanilla Ice, anyway. The artist loves a good house flip on his show “The Vanilla Ice Project,” airing on the DIY network. Who could blame this star for wanting his own reality series? Would you really want to be remembered as a one-hit wonder? We didn’t think so.



LeAnn Rimes

The country pop megastar won Grammy’s in her teens but has opted for the reality television route after marrying Eddie Cibrian. The two spend most of the time bashing the press, paparazzi, and Cibrian’s ex-wife on their VH1 series “LeAnn & Eddie.” The series may be one season-long rant, but it’s certainly considered an indulgent guilty pleasure at the same time. Why would Rimes, with so much early success, decide to make her next move on a skeevy show? The country crooner often declares she hopes to share her side of the mistress story, but she ultimately relishes the drama, rather than rising above it.



Tori Spelling

Ah, then there’s “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.” Tori Spelling has had her ups and down and her glory years; why does she need to bare so much of her personal life onscreen? Maybe she needs the money, but still, what is it that drives her to desire to showcase a very public affair/downward spiral of a marriage? Critics denounce her including so much screen time of her brood, but she consistently defends the camera crew as becoming a part of their family.



What do you think? Is it all about the money? Are actors/entertainers born narcissists so much so that they are addicted to the attention? Could this raw honesty actually be a relief to separated families worldwide? To see an idolized celebrity in a dysfunctional union could bring ease somehow to viewers and that might just be the reason why these celebs continue filming.



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