The evolution of music is a wonder that many music fans love to study. This fascination has extended to director John Anderson who is actively recruiting funds for “Born in Chicago.” The documentary will be a study of blues music as it progressed from the 50s to the 60s, set in its very own hometown.



By incorporating musicians Bob Dylan, Jack White, and B.B. King in the score composition, Anderson is banking on the passion of many for blues music to contribute to this project. A PledgeMusic campaign was created and also offers rewards to those who choose to invest in the film.


The trailer gives brief insight to the film and introduces audiences to the start of the blues era. As with any story, the creation of something so impactful and influential began with a deep rooted passion for wanting to know everything and anything about a topic. A small group of gentlemen made themselves vulnerable to the magic of blues music and became entranced with its wonder. This focus and drive led to the evolution of music, as most other genres are influenced by the blues.


Neon sign for B.B. King show


Of course, a soundtrack will be released to support to documentary, but donors to the campaign will have access to a download once the set is released. Even though the film takes place during the birth of blues music in the 50s, some may not want to wait to hear the tracks by artists influenced by the film. The soundtrack is only the tip of the merchandise iceberg being offered to support the film.


Barry Goldberg is heard in the trailer saying “we wanted to learn first-hand where this music was coming from — and it was in our own backyard.” Scheduled to be shown at South by Southwest and the Chicago Blues Festival, “Born in Chicago” will be a tall tale of how something so great was right in front of music fans all along.


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