Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “music is the universal language of mankind.” In times of tragedy, music can be used to cope with difficult times. Dave Bastien took this idea and followed his passion for music to create Musicians for a Cause. His belief that music has the ability to inspire action motivated him to reach out to musicians who were interested in dedicating their music to the healing process of others.

Advertised on Songs4acause.org, several campaigns have track listings that are carefully selected from a wide array of submissions. The purchase of each album and individual song goes towards a charity of choice.


It has been only two years since the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon, and in light of the recent trial, it is easy to say that people are still affected by the incident.


Band members of the group Judah & the Lion

Judah & the Lion, one of the bands listed on the Boston Strong compilation (billboard.com)

This compilation is a mixture of songs mostly from the folk and country genres, and the soothing melodies and relevant lyrics are helpful to those affected. A few artists listed are Judah & the Lion, an American-folk band from Tennessee; Massachusetts native Ashley Jordan; and the Virginia bicycle touring band, The Steel Wheels.


Other tributes commemorating national tragedies include memorials, concerts, and other public events. Songs4acause and Musicians for a Cause offer something unique to those who need more to cope. All proceeds from purchasing the Boston Strong compilation album or any track on it will be donated to the One Fund Boston charity, dedicated to helping everyone and anyone cope with his or her loss. Follow the link to learn more about Songs4acause.org’s Boston Strong campaign.


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