Regardless of wherever you fall on the political spectrum, you must admit that we’re living in the strangest of times. Our reality TV president seems to either be embroiled in a daily scandal, a member of his dysfunctional staff seems to always be quitting or the Commander in Chief is dropping a mad Twitter diss like he’s a rapper about the dictator of a nuclear superpower, any news network that dare criticize him or most recently New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand.


And to their credit, late night TV hosts haven’t held back their feelings on the overly dramatic presidency that the majority of Americans would describe as ridiculous or “made for a reality TV show.” Multiple times a week, Seth Meyers does his “Closer Look” segment where he scrutinizes and oftentimes lampoons the many disastrous actions of President Trump and other government officials.


Stephen Colbert often makes brilliant cracks at President Trump during his monologues and the ongoing federal investigation into Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential election as well as the president’s many feuds and unprofessional actions.



Although, one late night host has stood out above the rest for directly calling out elected officials on either their hypocrisy or their very obvious allegiance towards exclusively those organizations who’ve donated to their campaign.


Jimmy Kimmel, longtime host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has recently become increasingly political by detailing his son’s battle with a congenital heart defect called “tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia” to affirm his support of The Affordable Care Act. Kimmel has called out politicians who’ve taken donations from the National Ride Association after the tragic massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.


But earlier this month, Kimmel found himself ironically following in the footsteps of our Oompa Loompa-in-Chief by ending up in a vicious but brutally honest Twitter beef with former Alabama Senate candidate and 70-year-old man who strangely dresses like my two-year-old nephew at his cowboy-themed birthday party, Roy Moore.


The beef initially began earlier this month when Kimmel did a skit of sending comedian Tony Barbieri in his alter ego, Jake Byrd, to a Roy Moore rally at the most predictable of places, The Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Magnolia Springs, Alabama.


During the rally, Byrd caused an uproar by sarcastically heckling both Moore and his fervent yet oblivious supporters, much to the annoyance of everyone in attendance.


“Does that look like the face of a child molester?!?” Byrd yelled to the crowd in front of Moore.


Once Byrd was swiftly removed from the church by security, Moore eventually picked up on the bit. Instead of rolling with the late night TV joke prank like several previous politicians have when they’ve been joked about or pranked on, Moore took a page out of the Trump Twitter Handbook and angrily tweeted at Kimmel.



“If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man. #ALSen,” Moore tweeted.


Besides the irony that a man accused of child molestation is bringing up “Christian values” during a Twitter beef with a talk show host, Kimmel’s diss back was honestly mic drop worthy material.


“Sounds great Roy – let me know when you get some Christian values and I’ll be there!” Kimmel responded.


Moore then personally invited Kimmel down to Alabama despite a “D.C. and Hollywood Elites’ bigotry towards southerners” and promised Jimmy “a seat in the front pew.”


Kimmel then addressed the matter on the next episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and joked that he’ll accept Moore’s invitation and arrive with a team of high school cheerleaders.


Kimmel then went into great detail about his personal Christian upbringing, telling about Baptizing both his children as well as his personal friendship with a priest and even that Jimmy’s middle name is Christian.


To wrap it up, Kimmel said that touching underage girls is a “no-no” and to admit if the child molestation charges are true and not to damage the accusers anymore.


Along with Kimmel saying he’d fight Moore while wearing a girl scout outfit, Kimmel said he’d push his Christian values aside. He then said that “if he “went man to man” instead of “man to little girl” then he wouldn’t be in this child molestation scandal.


Not much transpired beyond this, with the exception of Kimmel rejoicing in Moore’s loss in the Senate race. Overall, quite a strange experience.


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