“The Soup Nazi,” “The Puffy Shirt,” “The Serenity Now.” If you can’t recognize or recall any of these episode titles, may the TV Gods forever pardon your soul. “Seinfeld” has come to be practically synonymous with the 1990’s; writer and co-creator Larry David struck such television gold with the iconic series that he even went on to develop another wildly popular much-ado-about nothing cultural expose, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”


After such a successful run, it is depressing to acknowledge that perhaps countless millennials today don’t know much about the comedic glory of the 90’s hit. Or even worse, they might even equate the overrated “Friends” to be a cultural equal. No matter — those individuals who have missed the program will receive another chance.


From Monday, June 30 until Saturday, July 5, TBS will air 25 of “Seinfeld’s” most famous episodes, ranging in air date between 1989 and 1998 to celebrate the series’ big 25 year anniversary. Fan favorites such as “The Chinese Restaurant” and “The Contest” will air in special two-hour blocks each night, concluding with a five-episode marathon on Saturday. TBS also encouraged fans to tweet with the hashtag #Seinfeld25 throughout the week in order to propel discussion of the often celebrated but almost all-too forgotten sitcom.

Can TBS inspire a new cult following of the popular series with this initiative? Being raised on the series and on “Curb” by 90’s-enthusiast parents has certainly helped this MUIPR writer, but can the oddball comedy of that monumental decade influence a new generations of viewers? It is safe to say that the cast and writers receive enough royalties from the hit show to be content without any new youngster ever being introduced to all the countless trivial/hilarious plot points that make “Seinfeld” glorious, but it might just make the upcoming generations more witty if they did. Our generation sure could use the comedic relief, that is for damn sure.


What do you think of “Seinfeld” celebrating 25 years of history-making television? Will you be tuning in for the marathon or do you already view the show on repeat regularly? Can a new generation fall in love with Jerry and his gang? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro