This August marks the 30th Anniversary of one of the most beloved action-comedy films of all time: “Ghostbusters”! This pioneer movie of the supernatural-comedy niche genre was released in 1984 to an ecstatic audience and single-handedly became the pinnacle of pop culture and essentially the entire childhood of anyone who grew up in the 80’s, right up there with “the Goonies,” “Star Wars,” and “Scooby-Doo.”


There’s a reason why there is so much hype surrounding the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary; millions of people have been digging on this multi-media franchise for almost 30 years now because it was an amazingly clever and exciting novelty when it came out to these special-effects virgins, and it has matured like a good wine, getting better and better with each passing year. Everyone who watched it fell in love with the four lovable Ghostbusters agency studs and the world of “Ghostbusters” because it was funny and clever, and although younger generations now might be underwhelmed by the graphics and tired of perhaps a more dated brand of comedy, the legacy continues on.


The classic movies (“Ghostbusters” I and II) surround the exciting life of three (almost) successful entrepreneurs making a career for themselves in the ancient and sometimes dangerous art of supernatural “ghost removal services” and spirit-hunting. Beloved “Saturday Night Live” cast-member and comedy legend Bill Murray, playing the enigmatically charming character “Peter Venkman,” leads the “Ghostbusters” bunch with his mostly off-the-script ad lib quips and hilariously not-quite-suave-but-in-that-same-ball-park demeanor. The other head Ghostbusters in the agency, played by another famed SNL cast-member Dan Aykroyd and comedian Harold Ramis, add their endearing banter and hilarious missteps to the ingeniousness of these movies. The amazing Sigourney Weaver also graces the film, adding her signature dose of awesomeness to an already out of this world film.


“Ghostbusters” was great when it came out 30 years ago and it is still great today, a feat that many serious movies can not even claim. Not only was the film nominated for numerous awards in the categories of Best Original Song and Best Visual Effects, this supernatural and hilarious comedy allowed young kids to stick it to the ghosts under their beds and in their closets, and gave the older audience a good laugh at the same time. Keep your eyes out for the rumored “Ghostbusters III,” and in the meantime, “Who you gonna call??”


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