This life changing classic from the mid-90’s, directed by Gus Van Sant, is a must-see movie that gets better and better every time you watch it. It is simply a beautifully made film; it is a deep and emotional, yet funny and accessible movie about finding one’s identity and accepting one’s past in order to move forward. It may sound like a cliche, or you might be tempted to write it off as one of those movies that forever sits on your “to do” movie list because you’re supposed to see but never quite feel like it (because those movies do exist), however “Good Will Hunting,” besides its positive message and stellar cast, is simply a very good movie.


Despite perhaps a negative connotation, “Good Will Hunting” is another great film about a boy. The charismatic and unique protagonist of this story, Will Hunting, though, is no ordinary boy. Besides the fact that he is played by Oscar nominated actor Matt Damon and thus is devastatingly handsome, the character Will Hunting is an undercover genius with a photographic memory scraping to make a living in one of the roughest parts of Boston (“Bahston”). His life changes abruptly from the familiar comforts of banality when his overall potential in theoretical mathematics and beyond is realized while working as a janitor at Harvard. However, in order to escape his life of poverty and make something of himself, he must battle with some quite menacing demons. Cue Robin Williams.


The dynamic between these two characters, Will Hunting and Sean Maguire, his mandatory psychologist, and the pure chemistry between the actors that play them (Damon and Williams) is great on so many levels. The magnitude and significance of every scene and every purposeful line off of the amazing screenplay is felt by the audience every step of the way because of the commitment of these two actors, and the supporting actors and actresses as well (great performances can be seen by Minnie Driver, who plays Will’s girlfriend; and Ben Affleck, along with his brother, Casey Affleck — both of whom play Bostonian friends from their little gang). Combine this perfectly written screenplay, dedicated cast, inspiring storyline, and pair it all with a perfect and ultimately moving score, and you get a double Oscar winning, deeply emotional, classic movie.


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