First Wives Club” is one of the best revenge-fantasy/comedy movies of the 90’s.  True, this type of film is a rarity, but the 1996 movie, directed by Hugh Wilson and based on the novel written by Olivia Goldsmith, is a shining beacon of female triumph and an ode to the bond all women have experienced: sisterhood.


The movie features a predominantly middle-aged female cast of three women, all “first wives,” all cast aside by their insensitive, under-appreciative, unfaithful husbands. These first wives, played by Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn used to best of friends in high school until college and life lead them in separate directions and they inevitably grew apart over time, a phenomenon that too many women are familiar with. However the group of three women used to be a group of four, and it took the self-inflicted death of their fourth sister to become reunited again. At that funeral, when the three of them were back together again, they vowed to be there for each other, just as they had in high school, and little did they know, all three of them were definitely in need of some good old-fashioned sisterly support.


After quickly dropping the “everything is just great!” act that many people seem to adopt when meeting up with old friends they have not seen in a long time, the three women all confessed that their lives were far from perfect. As it turned out, all three of them were facing the same problem: men. And with the renewed love and support of their old friends, they made a pact to help the others seek sweet, sweet revenge.


This movie is representative of the sacred bond of female friendship and the importance of sticking together in a male-dominated world. In the end, each of these women find strength in each other and in themselves and the men in their lives get what they deserve. What could be better?


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