The Sandlot.  This classic kids movie from 1993 deserves a mention for many reasons. Not only is the movie filled with many classic quotes (“you’re killin’ me smalls!”), along with movies like “The Goonies” and “A Christmas Story,” “Sandlot” is great because it provides the simple childhood tales of your average group of kids through the lens of a much older adult.


As a child, you relate to these movies for the simple fact that they are about kids getting themselves into all sorts of trouble. As an adult, listening to the deep, would-be dramatic voice of the narrator play out these ridiculously funny and outlandish childhood situations, you watch with the same excitement and humor you had as a child because you realize how serious these scenarios were to you when you first watched them and how ridiculous you were yourself.


Much like the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story,” “The Sandlot” follows a young kid and his group of friends on their daily lives during one lazy summer in what seems like the 50s or 60s, and is narrated by the deep voice of an older version of the protagonist.


As a child, you might’ve watched this movie and believed in the seriousness of the “pickles” they find themselves in, and you related because the characters would resemble people you knew in real life. You felt their pain. That’s one of the great things about this movie for kids. What makes it still great for adults is the fact that you can look back at it, quote almost every line, and laugh at what you thought was some pretty serious stuff as a kid. This movie, in its essence, is legendary.


It is not with surprise that I note the low score the movie received on film critic website “Rotten Tomatoes.” The website is often spot on with the critics score; the best movies get credit where they deserve it and those that qualify as “cheap entertainment” tend towards lower scores. However, every once in a while, a movie like this one comes along that receives a low score, not because it is a bad movie, but because cinematically it is understandable why critics would not deem it worthy of a higher score.


Yet, the brilliance of this movie is not in it’s cinematography, it lies in the simple fact that it tells the hilarious tale of childhood and the adventure of one typical, funny, group of kids that you yourself loved when you were young. For this reason, the movie is one that is undoubtedly deemed “classic.”


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