A constant source of entertainment today seems to be either remasters, remakes or entire reboots of famous pop culture franchises. Whether it be the upcoming “Jumanji” reboot, the many classic albums that have been remastered and released once again usually with bonus tracks or B sides or the many remade horror movie franchises, any type of redo in the landscape of current pop culture is almost unavoidable.


And just like movies, music and television, video games have certainly had their fair share of remasters and remakes of many popular video games of yesteryear. A recent example of this phenomenon would be the remaking of the once loved “Star Wars: Battlefront” series. Although I won’t be going into vast detail about how the remade series developed by everyone’s favorite game company, EA, was received by fans, it’s still a valid example of exactly how common remasters and/or remakes in the video game industry are.


And I hope you noticed my sarcasm about calling EA “everyone’s favorite game company”.


Even with as much hate as EA usually gets with many of their controversial actions, I’ll gladly play devil’s advocate and be honest when I admit that EA does have several awesome games that I spent many of my younger years playing. I became an addict of making my life in “The Sims” as lavish and wealthy as possible and if a post made by Brazilian gaming website GamePress holds any truth, then gamers could very well be getting a remastered version of an EA classic that’s possibly the best driving game ever made in my opinion.


The 2008 video game “Burnout Paradise” was far beyond a simple racing game consisting of racing from point A to point B and repeating the process. The fifth total entry in the “Burnout” series, the game proved to be incredibly innovative by using an open world environment similar to equally as popular racing franchises like the “Need for Speed” series but the player may engage in a multitude of different action-packed minigames and racing types that extended far beyond boring or slightly cartoonish races like in “Mario Party”.


(Burnout Wikia)

As opposed to simple racing, the “Burnout” series focused primarily on high-speed actions and erratic driving that usually resulted in players crashing their cars multiple times only to be revived seconds later.


As a huge fan of the “Burnout” video games myself, I would have to say that my favorite minigame featured in every game was “Crash Mode”, where the objective of the game was to cause the most expensive crash with one go. The player would have one opportunity to crash and cause the most subsequent damage. It combined racing with elements and insane levels of actions straight out of an “Expendables” movie.    


While no official comment has been made by Electronic Arts, the fact that “Burnout: Paradise Remastered” with a release date of March 1st appeared on a GamePress report already has fans hoping for a remaster. The possible project’s price was listed at 145 Brazilian Real, which translates to about $45 American.


If the rumors don’t end up being fake news, then many video game fans who grew up crashing a sports car into an 18-wheeler to gain money in any of the “Burnout” games will soon be in anticipation.


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