“Who run the world?” Evidently the answer is Beyonce, the “Queen Bey” herself. The writers on “Saturday Night Live” clearly understand Beyonce’s reign; they devoted an entire hilarious sketch to the beautiful and multi-talented Queen Bey.


Writer Lauren Duca of the Huffington Post claims that “The Beygency” is “the best ‘SNL’ skit of all time.” This may be a bit of a stretch, but “The Beygency” is certainly the funniest sketch to grace the “Saturday Night Live” stage in a long time, restoring hope to long-time “SNL” fans who may have feared for the future of the show after the departure of many key beloved cast members.



The sketch cleverly plays off of cliches from just about every action movie trailer ever made. Everything, down to the dramatic background music and the trademark action movie directing style, is spot on, playing up the comedy in their concept: a secret and highly mysterious agency dedicated to enforcing the everlasting reign of the righteous Beyonce. Any one person found committing sacrilege of the law of Queen Bey must pay a heavy price, indeed.


The sketch features Andrew Garfield, who hosted the show May 3 alongside musical guest, Coldplay. Garfield plays the lead role in the skit: the unsuspecting guy whose only crime was voicing his opinion that Beyonce’s song, “Drunk In Love,” was only okay. The “Beygency” special agents are played by hilarious “SNL” cast members Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam, and Beck Bennett, who was discovered through his role in the AT&T “It’s not complicated” ads and after recently joining the cast, has proven to be a great addition to any sketch.


There are many things that are great about this sketch. It simultaneously parodies the formulaic nature of every action movie and the over-the-top devotion to the R&B goddess Beyonce, and of course it has Andrew Garfield, which is always a plus. But the sketch is not at all a hit on Beyonce, who responded positively to the sketch on Twitter, posting “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” with a picture of the pink “Beygency” sign. That is the great thing about “Saturday Night Live;” it allows us all to step back laugh at the sometimes ridiculous things we do as a collective human race by pointing out these universal truths and then amplifying them. Watch the full sketch and other hilarious “SNL” videos here.


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