Barry Allen explains that “sometimes the world needs a team” to overcome the ever-increasing threats The CW heroes face. Somehow, it almost feels like he is also referring to the ever-growing demand for superhero content. From the success of “Arrow” and “The Flash,” The CW has taken the next logical step: forming a pseudo Justice League with an ensemble approach.


The trailer dropped last week, utilizing a mixture of recycled footage from “Arrow” and “The Flash,” along with original footage created specifically for this promo. The big question: does the trailer deliver? Absolutely, yes it does.


Unlike its predecessors, “Legends of Tomorrow” will rely on the dynamic of an eclectic ensemble, rather than a single hero’s journey. Some familiar faces, such as Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), The ATOM (Brandon Routh), and Firestorm (Victor Garber) are set to appear. Notably absent from the trailer however, was Robbie Amell, who plays the other half of the Firestorm matrix.


Sara Lance resurrecting from Lazarus Pit

Sara Lance returns as White Canary complementing her sister to retain her identity as Black Canary. (

One of the more notable inclusions to the series is Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). After a resurrection in the Lazarus Pit, she has come back as the White Canary, allowing her sister to maintain the Black Canary mantle. As great as it is to see Sara back — Laurel has made for a poor replacement — one has to wonder if this development will invalidate the emotional catharsis of the last season of “Arrow.”


One newcomer we do not see much of is Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee). Her character is only referred to as a girl with hawk wings and a “past lives complex.” In the comics, she has a complicated back story, so it seems creators have opted to simplify her origins for mainstream audiences.


This ensemble provides an opportunity for variety in the tone and set pieces of the show. For example, Ray Palmer provides a Tony Stark comedic touch, while Captain Cold holds a darker, more sinister edge to the team. Characters like Firestorm call for more fantastical set-pieces, while White Canary stays with more traditional action, akin to “Arrow.” DC has a long track record of successfully managing diversity among its heroes — including John Diggle and Cisco Ramon from the other CW programs — and this show seems no different.



Unfortunately, the trailer feels very much like a rough draft. Many aspects of the show, such as casting for Vandal Savage — the overarching villain — have not been announced. As a result of this, battles against the hordes of faceless, voiceless henchmen feel more like a generic “Power Rangers” knockoff rather than a legitimate Justice League property. Audiences need to see real content from the show before we can definitively know what it will be like.


All in all, “Legends of Tomorrow” looks great at this early stage. The dynamic between the diverse ensemble works incredibly well, and the show benefits greatly from the setting its parent shows have established. The action looks good but without any real context, it’s a bit of an exercise in style over substance. Once we get a good look at Vandal Savage and the real stakes of this battle, “Legends of Tomorrow” will likely become a staple of superhero programming.


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