Depending on the genre, musicians can be very intuitive and personable towards their fans. While popular musicians such as Kanye West are often the antithesis to the very notion of “musicians being nice to their fans”, musicians, particularly in the alternative and indie sub-genres, are opening up to their fans in many creative ways.


Whether it be bands such as Saint Motel posting photos of their fan’s art every Friday to their social media pages, Ask Me Anything interviews on the famous forum website Reddit or Facebook Live streams where fans can ask questions in real time, many musicians are finding new and creative ways to contact and communicate with their fans. However, one particular musician is going above and beyond to communicate very directly with his fans.


Recently, British alternative musician Dan Croll released “Emerging Adulthood”, his sophomore album. In a unique and original way to show appreciation and love towards his adoring fans, Croll posted his personal phone number to his social media pages in order for his fans themselves to call and speak with him personally. Croll has done this in a very successful attempt to connect closer with his fan base for them to be able to open up and discuss their sometimes troubling lives with one another in a way few musicians have before.


A close friend of mine and huge fan of Dan Croll’s music, Ben Cohen called the “Dial Dan” line and spoke with Mr. Croll directly.


“We spoke mainly about our favorite artists, his favorite band of all time and his favorite current band. His favorite current band is Tame Impala but he said his favorite band of all time was The Beach Boys, which was surprising because he’s from Liverpool. So, I assumed he would’ve chosen The Beatles.” Cohen recounted.


What’s especially surprising about Croll choosing The Beach Boys over The Beatles is that Croll himself actually moved to Liverpool at 18 to attend the Paul McCartney-founded Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Yet, Cohen informed me that Dan Croll more preferred Paul McCartney himself and The Wings. While he certainly meant no disrespect towards The Fab Four, he’s certainly more of a Wings fan.  


Besides musical tastes, Cohen and Dan Croll spoke about musical instruments and the various instruments the two gentlemen have played previously. While Cohen started with the trombone, Dan Croll began with trumpet and they spoke about the amazing musical abilities that Croll has, producing all his music and the many accompanying instruments, almost entirely by himself, albeit with the help of a few very decorated producers.


Cohen admits that through the “Dial Dan” campaign and being able to speak with the very musician himself, he has a deeper appreciation and respect for Croll and his musical, as well as personable abilities.


(Huffington Post)

Along with music, many fans who spoke with Croll directly discussed issues more sensitive than musical tastes. Croll has mentioned in many interviews his struggles with anxiety and depression. Yet, it seems that Croll currently has a better grasp on his struggles. He recently said that he feels that he has “a duty now as a musician to keep everyone in the best mood possible.” Croll has also stated that many of the members of his fanbase have shared their stories of struggling with mental illness issues and how they manage them.


Hopefully, more musicians begin to practice this trend of speaking to their fans directly, even if it’s only for a few brief moments. If all fans reacted to speaking with their favorite musicians in the same way that Cohen did, then there will be plenty of super elated fans in the future, eager to speak to their beloved and favorite musicians.    


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