The market for competing music streaming sites are becoming more cutthroat every day. Some have been ordered to cease and desist all services, and others have just folded due to unpopularity or lack of followers. The one company that still remains strong, and possibly holds the title as head honcho in the industry, is Spotify.


Since the initial talk of Apple’s new service, Apple Music, some have grown wary as to whether or not Spotify can withstand the competition. Alas, the official launch day arrived and Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO, was nonchalant, which was a surprise to many.


He immediately tweeted his reaction then appeared to take it down just as quickly, but his thought remained in cyberspace long enough for people to screenshot or download the tweet immortalizing his opinion.


Image of the tweet Daniel Ek posted in reaspone to the launch of Apple Music, reading "Oh okk."

Spotify encounters a strong competition for music listeners now that Apple Music has officially released.(

Majority of the reports state that Ek is not entirely impressed by Apple’s new service, also implying an annoyingly disappointed tone. Since it was removed so quickly from the internet, one can only speculate as to the reasons why he posted the tweet in the first place.


All things considered, Ek reacted in the best way possible with no collateral. His post was short enough to intrigue fans, as well as short enough to prompt others to think for him. Perhaps Ek’s reaction implied that he expected more from Apple and that the new service wouldn’t actually live up to the hype or potential. This thought would eliminate Apple Music as a threat to online music listeners.


However, it is noticed that Ek didn’t necessarily put down Apple Music nor did he degrade the company or the service’s creators in any way. Ek simply used Twitter for its primary function and quickly jotted down a note. The story shouldn’t revolve around what Ek said, but what can be taken from how he publicized his opinion.


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