Bad Boy. Sean John. Ciroc. Aqua Hydrate. Revolt TV. Combs Enterprises.


When it comes to true entrepreneurship, Diddy has truly made his mark.


Whether you know him as Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy or at his bare bones, Sean Combs, this is a man who has continued to defy the odds of what one person can do in the business world.


Starting as an intern at Uptown records in the late ‘80’s and early 90’s, Combs worked his way up to a high level position at the record label, becoming responsible for the looks and vibes of heavy hitters like Heavy D, Jodeci, Father MC and maybe most notably, Mary J. Blige.


When Combs began to outgrow his position at Uptown and sort of clash heads with then founder Andre Harrell, Harrell decided to let him go, not because he was doing a bad job, but because this job wasn’t big enough for him anymore.


You see, Puff was a boss from the start. He was someone who always took initiative and fought for what he believed in and wanted. His vision was second to none and Uptown’s ghetto fabulous wave that became so popular was spearheaded by the intern tried A&R and artists developer.


Again, however, Puff was a boss. Therefore, it was only a matter of time into he began to build his own legacy. The legacy would become Bad Boy Records. Finding, crafting and guiding the Notorious B.I.G. to massive success in such a short time is all the achievement anyone would need, but when you combine that with artists like Faith Evans, Lil Kim. Mase, the Lox, Total, 112 and now even you’re own son, you have a formula for one of the biggest movements that the music industry had ever seen.


Just take 1997 for example, the Year of Bad Boy. Throughout the calendar year, Bad Boy Records was responsible for five Billboard number one records and countless classics that are still played all over to this day.


From the success of his record company, Combs then ventured into the word of fashion, launching Sean John which would net him net him over nine figures in sales.


Sean John launched Combs into another world where people started to respect the business mind that the music industry had long well known. He began to act on Broadway, he ran in a marathon and he entrenched himself into the fabric of popular culture even further.


Then came Ciroc, a luxury, premium liquor that would soon become the go to buy for every club, event and overall good time. As the music industry shifted, Combs began to focus his attention to this premium product and the wine and Spirits game, added Deleon to the mix as well. As of today, Ciroc is his biggest venture which brings him in eight figures every year.


(High Snobiety)

However, Combs didn’t stop there. In 2013, he launched Revolt TV, a multimedia platform/network that houses music videos, shows and everything culture online. Living out his dream of owning his own network, Combs then launched Combs Enterprises which serves as the umbrella that houses all of his ventures as a whole.


This year, Combs reportedly raked in about $130 Million dollars thanks to the above venture, along with his 25 city Bad Boy Reunion Tour and the $70 Million check he received from Global Brands Group who bought Sean John and still left him a 20% stake in the company as well. This boosted his total net worth to be valued at $820 Million, meaning this is one big boom away from being hip hop’s first Billionaire.


At $820 Million, it’s easy to see how and why he would be considered for this prestigious honor, being noted as one of the 100 Greatest Business Minds. If you ask him, though, he would tell you that it’s far from east. From the late 80’s until now, he has set the standard for what one person can do when they are truly and wholly invested in their dreams and when they dare to be great.


I mean to call him a business mind is cool, but I think a mogul would be more fitting, not only to me, but I’m sure to him as well.


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