Disney’s “Frozen” has taken the box office by storm, earning over $1 billion dollars worldwide — making it the highest grossing animated film of all time. Many people are claiming this is Disney is back from a slump and have dubbed “Frozen” as “the most Disney-feeling film in over a decade.”


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“Frozen” has also been called the new “The Lion King.” “Frozen” has lovable and funny characters, a strong plotline, and catchy tunes, but can it really live up to one of the most adored animated films of all time?


Princess Elsa from Frozen (mtv.com)

“Frozen” may have made millions and topped the 1994 classic Disney film, “The Lion King,” for the most weeks at number one in the box office, but “Frozen” falls short when comparing the characters of the new Disney film and “The Lion King.”


Firstly, the audience does not have a strong connection with the parents of Anna and Elsa. They are, essentially, flat characters that were killed off before they were able to make a strong impression and become more fully developed. In “The Lion King,” the death of Simba’s father, Mufasa, is emotional and meaningful because Mufasa was a character that was fleshed out and well developed.


The antagonists in both movies, Prince Hans (“Frozen”) and Scar (“The Lion King”), are also unequally comparable. The death of Mufasa is orchestrated by Scar, Mufasa’s own brother, for political gain and a whole kingdom is unaware of the murder. Prince Hans also fools a kingdom into following him, but he could be seen as actually moving the kingdom of Arrendale forward and away from their isolationist tendencies. In general, the characters in “Frozen” are not an impressionable or dynamic as the characters in “The Lion King.”


Which animated film do you prefer? (inquirer.net)

Which animated film do you prefer? (inquirer.net)

Secondly, “The Lion King” is more aesthetically pleasing and variant. Although it is difficult to make a snow-covered land stand out when compared to a jungle setting, the different settings in “The Lion King” are memorable, dynamic, and capture the attention of the audience. Scenes like the opening sequence — “Circle of Life” — are beautiful and are recognizable, even 20 years later.


Lastly, the popularity of the song “Let It Go” by Broadway star Idina Menzel is undeniable. However, it is difficult to top superstar Elton John, whose songs from “The Lion King” are still making millions on the Broadway version of “The Lion King.” John is an artist whose music and talent have endured the test of time.


Both movies are excellent examples of Disney’s ability to create imaginative and lovable films that people of all ages can enjoy. Even though “Frozen” is a good movie, “The Lion King” still reigns in the hearts of millions.


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