No, you’re reading the title of this article correctly.


Of the many Hollywood directors that consistently pump out both good and bad blockbusters, few have become as well-known as Michael Bay. Whether you love or hate his explosive and over-the-top nature, no pun intended on explosive, you must admit that Michael Bay has definitely made his mark on Hollywood in several more ways than simply producing the Transformers movies.



Along with directing such enjoyable films as the Mark Wahlberg-starring “Pain and Gain”, the “Bad Boyz” series and many classic horror films, the Transformers series transcended Bay’s status to one of the most commercially successful directors. Although even with all the commercial successes of his many films, they’re no stranger to immense criticism. The popular pieces of criticism are Bay’s unnecessary use of beautiful women simply to show them briefly in his movies as opposed to using them in the plot and of course, his excessive and often unnecessary use of epic explosions.


That’s why I, along with possibly millions of filmgoers, were incredibly confused by the recent film news that Michael Bay himself will be directing an upcoming “Dora The Explorer” movie. Yes, the long-running children’s series about the overly adventurous seven-year-old and her monkey companion going through a variety of journeys while avoiding a particularly sketchy fox, has an upcoming movie which will be directed by arguably the strangest choice for the job. This sense of confusion that has gone across America by this news is essentially the same confusing feeling that millions had when they found out that “Sesame Street” would be moving their production to HBO, the very same network with the very violent and overly sexual “Game of Thrones.”


But alas, it’s true. Regardless of how you feel about the “Transformers” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movies, facts are facts and the “Transformers” films made $7.8 billion in box offices and the first TMNT movie alone made almost $500 million, respectively. While many people may criticize his films, Michael Bay has found a genius way to receive huge returns from his films.


With his production company Platinum Dunes, they’ll be producing a film that, given the child-centric subject matter, will hopefully be explosion-less. Teaming up with director Nicholas Stoller of the very adult-centric comedies “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Neighbors” fame, “Dora The Explorer” will most likely tell the story of a teenage Dora and her cousin Diego as they’ll probably navigate through a predicament with a CGI-created Boots.


With such a strange and unexpected pick for directors, this upcoming film is sure to be remembered, whether that be for positive or negative reasons. Still, I’m sure that Bay will use his explosive magic and unique touches on the film and Stoller will surely put some humor into the otherwise family-friendly movie due to him primarily working on the script (2).


Since it’s only recently been announced that there’s a movie in production, there’s no major announcements on which actors would potentially be starring in the production, though. But knowing Michael Bay, don’t be surprised if it’s Megan Fox.


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