Often when an individual passes away, people usually make a tribute to them. Luckily, tributes come in many shapes and sizes. Some may make a donation to a charity that the deceased was passionate about while some may name monument after the person. In the music community, however, it seems to be most common to cover a song that the deceased beautifully created.


Last month, the music community was rocked by the unfortunate and tragic suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. Known for his legendary musical abilities that spoke openly of struggles involving drug abuse and mental anguish, Bennington’s music spoke to many those going through a variety of situations. Countless people mourned the loss of the excellent frontman and tributes of all types in Bennington’s memory occurred. Musical artists such as Coldplay and Jared Leto made emotional yet powerfully moving tributes to Bennington and as expected, were incredibly well-received.


One of the many bands to perform a tribute was Echos, a two-person band from Portland. With the hauntingly beautiful voice of frontwoman Lexi Norton and the captivating music of Tal Richards, their music takes you into a somewhat trance-like state as their lyrics tell of heartbreak and sadness. Yet, Norton’s voice is so deep and so hypnotising that you’ll instead be calmed and relaxed by their music instead of heartbroken.


Also, they do a badass cover of The Weeknd’s hit song “The Hills” during live shows, but that’s another story.


(Bleeding Cool)

In light of Bennington’s tragic suicide, Echos created a touching cover of the Linkin Park song “Shadow of The Day”. Quite like Bennington’s very moving vocal abilities did, Norton’s vocals tell a story in the song with it’s pitch and lyrics. Accompanied by Richards’ captivatingly gorgeous music, Norton’s vocals tell a story of the ensuing heartbreak of watching a loved one leave yet hoping for their well-being and graciousness simultaneously. Her vocals tell the very same story, yet from a different point of view almost.


The song begins with a story of someone closing their windows and blinds to avoid seeing a significant other through the blinds. The song explains that “solutions aren’t so simple” and that “sometimes, goodbye’s the only way.”


“Shadow of The Day”, ripe with descriptive examples of heartbreak, has possibly an even more gut-wrenching chorus, based on one single line alone.       


“The sun will set for you.”


The title of the song comes after and might be equally as beautiful as the solar reference used above but continues to use references to the solar system as a whole.


“And the shadow of the day/Will embrace the world in gray.”


Bennington was known for his vivid use of imagery and personal touches in Linkin Park’s lyrics. Combined with Norton’s vocals, “Shadow of The Day” proves to be a deeply emotional, powerful and most importantly, thoughtful tribute to an incredibly gifted musician who was taken from a thoroughly talented band and his nearly unlimited fan base too soon.


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